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  1. Pre Hot fix I signed him for Spurs, first season, first transfer window.
  2. I removed the skin out of my folder then reloaded, worked fine.
  3. This amused me as personally it's the slowest I've experienced by far:(
  4. Processing time on the game has nosedived for me. Have changed from GPU to software with no change, anyone got some suggestions to speed it up. My pc is quadcore etc so it's way beyond spec.
  5. It actually appears faster on the software setting.
  6. Clue is in the title! anyone know what the difference is between this & the software option?
  7. End of 1st season, I'm playing in England and check out the Italian league only to find Inter, Lazio and Fiorentina all relegated. The league has been on full detail all season, just seems very odd that all3 could go down and specially in the first season. Napoli-Juventus-Atalanta-Palermo made up the top 4. Is this a bug or just a freak occurance?
  8. Anyone notice alot of quality players on the transfer list? I have: Leandro Damiao, Marek Hamsik, Jesus Navas, Adrian, Fellaini, Daniel Agger, Darren Bent, Steva Jovetic, Rafinha, Raul Abidol all at the same time. 21 November 2012 is game date. On a previous save Mest Ozil, among others, was also up for sale. Most of the reasons giving are "wants to move to bigger club" or " club is underachieving". I remember on FM12, or FM11 there was a problem regarding this issue but I've yet to see it talked about on here yet. Do any SI guys feel it's worth loading the game up for you to take a look?
  9. They've brought back the 2speed system! This makes me very happy. Never really understood why they got rid of it tbh.
  10. Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, England, France, Germany, Italy, Holland, Portugal, Russia, Scotland, Serbia, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine, Wales. Large database, all leagues playable, managing Newcastle in 2021.
  11. Anyone who reads that thread will notice, I'm sure, that was way back on FM09 so it's a bug, although rare, has been in the game a while now.
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