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  1. Dear SI, I'm very disappointed with FM18. In only four hours the game has crashed or frozen 3 times and I can't reload the most recent save point as it seems to be corrupted. The game is clearly unfinished and most of the new features seem very poorly executed (pre-match briefing for example). I've been buying your games for nearly twenty years as well as participating in FMLive as a moderator, even visiting your office a couple of times. I have requested a refund on steam for the first time as I do not want to waste my very limited free time repeatedly replaying matched because the game doesn't work. Regards, James
  2. Well in the last 6 weeks of so I've done about 6 seasons and I've been Portsmouth and Cardiff on FM12 and Werder Bremen and Roma on FM13 beta. For Portsmouth and Cardiff the clubs had big debts and I could only have a squad of size 20 maximum (less for Portsmouth) and I've never had a problem filling the bench with senior players (except for Roma as they're allowed 12 subs). There was an FM a while ago (it was 08, 09 or 10) where the injuries were awful and I'd have to sign a load more players, but now it seems to have gone the other way, I can't remember ever having more than about 2 injuries at a time in any of those seasons and I'm always at the bottom of the injury league table. I was asking if anyone has been seeing the same thing or different, this has just become complaints about injuries rather than giving any evidence to say if they agree or disagree. I was hoping that people would give a view as to if it's realistic or not rather than how much they dislike injuries because they make the game a bit harder.
  3. Having played many many many seasons of FM in the last few years I've noticed I never have as many injuries as I expect no matter what training/ how much training I set. The number of AI teams injuries seem accurate but my own teams never really do. For example in the season of FM I'm playing now I've played 10 games and can't recall any injuries in matches and one in pre-season training. My only injury on the league table is a co-owned player at another club which I don't think should even be on the list. Are other people finding they get very few injuries?
  4. Baldini's the only one who hasn't caused chaos so far for me, the Werder Bremen one looks good too.
  5. Unless you've cloned a player, I don't think they could fix that retrospectively.
  6. Is there any chance of having the odds of a club appointing the suggested possible managers on the news item after the current manager is sacked. We have it for the matches and I think having it for the managers would be a nice touch.
  7. I'm not sure about pre-orders but it's almost impossible to get money back off Steam because you're not buying the game itself you're buying a digital licence which isn't covered by the same laws as the actual game.
  8. I have to ask, why did you change so much? The ME and the staff changes I can understand but why are team-talks and player values and scouting reports so different. I just think with a couple of weeks to go the game still requires quite a bit of work.
  9. Can we get rid of the silly abbreviations for Porto, Benfica, Marseille etc? Seeing a table with FCP, SLB and OM looks silly.
  10. It's the FM version of the popular women's book . In general I don't think the skins too popular.
  11. When a manager applies for a new job this should be kept secret from the media and maybe even his own club. Why does this count as declaring interest in FM games (it has for years) when this never happens in real life?
  12. Yes, unless they change the way the game loads when you download it again or if you don't copy it to the right place. It certainly works for all the full FM games in the past.
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