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  1. Ahh nice was hoping that.
  2. You are allowed to keep using the current players yeah?
  3. Bit of a worry should i start over? I didn't sign these players were already in before i could take control
  4. Decided to manage East Kilbride FC East Kilbride Football Club is a semi-professional football club based in East Kilbride, South Lanarkshire, Scotland. They are members of the Lowland Football League, in the fifth tier of the Scottish football league system. Can't wait to get started first season beginning today
  5. Just started this challenge im allowed to keep current players yes?
  6. I usually make sure my players enjoy big games. Also if i really need the full 3 points i usually go attacking alot earlier than i usually would.
  7. Never really understood the thought of people doing this kind of thing haha. What happens even if you could cheat yourself to qualify? you will just be put out right away unless you cheat again.
  8. Has he said a date where the lower league is decided?
  9. Anyone know how to get different teams to get promoted into the leagues as i keep getting the same team also what date is it decided :S
  10. Is it possible blantyre vics or cambuslang rangers can go up?
  11. My team scores quite alot of screamers from outside the box :S
  12. I think it's still fake names but real players
  13. I found watching the key highlights helps with seeing what problems you're tactics have
  14. Same i beat them 1-0 in the league cup with mcculloch scoring a 87th min goal