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  1. resolved

    Just to let everyone know i verified my files and it seems to have stopped
  2. resolved

    Just tried to holiday past the date and apply for other jobs (I started unemployed) Pressed continue same thing happened
  3. resolved

    File name should be called career game and it crashes on the 18-19th july
  4. resolved

    There we go uploaded it
  5. resolved

    The save is literally a few days old mate like in game days haah
  6. For some reason this happens every time i try to continue to the next day. It crashed comes up with "fm 17 has stopped working" then it closes. Any ideas how to fix this i am on windows 10 64 bit
  7. I usually make sure my players enjoy big games. Also if i really need the full 3 points i usually go attacking alot earlier than i usually would.
  8. Never really understood the thought of people doing this kind of thing haha. What happens even if you could cheat yourself to qualify? you will just be put out right away unless you cheat again.
  9. Sincerely hope you are joking?
  10. Has he said a date where the lower league is decided?
  11. Anyone know how to get different teams to get promoted into the leagues as i keep getting the same team also what date is it decided :S
  12. Is it possible blantyre vics or cambuslang rangers can go up?
  13. My team scores quite alot of screamers from outside the box :S
  14. I think it's still fake names but real players
  15. I found watching the key highlights helps with seeing what problems you're tactics have