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  1. Empty Database

    Hi, I know of the empty database, but is there a database like that, with all history wiped out as well, so effectively were starting from year 0? that anyone knows about. Like all debts gone, all stadiums gone/equal so its a totally level playing field between Man City and the Dog & Gun?
  2. Football Academies

    I have created some football academies for smaller nations (for countries such as new zealand) because they never have players but im unsure of; = what the club status should be = the reputation = and how to get them to produce descent players I have given them a maximum age of 19. REGARDS, SCOTT.
  3. Club Badge

    When you create a club in the editor, and start a game and a shield appears as the default badge, how do you select the colours of the shield? as i started game and the badge was completly midnight blue, as was the club name text and was unreadable/viewable. what constitutes to the colours?
  4. Group C - England vs Algeria: ITV1 at 19:30

    well if you loved that, youll love his facebook page.. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Emile-Heskeys-step-over/102888039762254?v=wall#!/pages/Emile-Heskeys-step-over/102888039762254?v=info .. was one of the worst matches ive watched since usa. but before that i cant remember a game so bad to watch...
  5. Player Numbers

    Is there any real time editors i can use to change players shirt numbers? wierd request, but yeah it annoys me.
  6. 2009/2010 is it possible???

    i would say start russia? jan 09 and tick no transfers in 1st window and holiday to may ish time (end of season), and then start? would be pretty much the same, even tho it takes a bit longer.
  7. only linked with goalkeepers

    i always get it. no goalkeeps on the transfer list. 2 goalkeepers in my 1st squad.
  8. Manchester City

    there biggest fee spent has be £650k.. and there most valuable player is Richard (a nigerian) who started at the club.. £2m theyve spent about 2m and its 16th september 2010. i started in janaury 2009 and disabled transfers in 1st window/season so i think theyve only had 1 transfer window.. 3rd in the russian league at present.
  9. Manchester City

    good contribution. please report back with some more excting posts soon.
  10. Manchester City

    wayne bridge and can a human player even offer £125million for a player? well im not going to explain myself anymore so think what you like to be honest. but i havent cheated. why would i make a rival stronger? Bellamy and Kalou still start in thier line-up thoi :\.
  11. Manchester City

    i went to them i was shocked when i got the financial message and it said khmarki were the highest climbers going from xxx to 3rd so i had a look and took the screenshot.. reloaded the game which took me back a week or so and went to man citys screen and transfers, took another screen shot then posted on here. if i was both teams then on the financial image west hame would also be highlighted... right?..
  12. Manchester City

    yeah i joined them on the 12/13th august. bt since realising they had all them players and monies and thought it would get boring i didnt save and reloaded from a few days back and remained at west ham, they have since hired juande ramos. so im not being dopey so get some facts first jack. edit: that khmirki havent made any major signings or of players i know.
  13. Its 15th August 2010. How am i supose to beat them with them signings! (took advantage buying wayne bridge and micah richards though .) and i ve never heard of that russian club.
  14. any news on what fm is doing next year in terms of improvment or new features?
  15. set piece maker good. graphics good. setting up youth camps ect (if thats what he was hinting at) good. with ball, without ball good. total freedom of where to position players/runs/passes good. if you can do the drill but have coaches maintain them even when you cant be arsed. good. how will fm step up with 2010?