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  1. Eventually replied to your message the other day mate!
  2. The cheek of someone else starting my thread Would have refused to watch if Saul hadn't been called up, but I guess Del Bosque isn't quite that senile yet. Lucas V. and one of San Jose, Bartra or Bruno dropped I guess.
  3. This stage? Get him ready now so he can bang them in at the Euros?
  4. dat guy Arda . Imagine having either him or Rakitic on your bench.
  5. Someone find my annual Aduriz seleccion posts and repost please, best Spanish striker around again.
  6. Ah, how were the B team? Got some good players there. This is the website for all lower league info in Murcia (sorry, didn't see your second post before): http://www.trecera.com I should have posted some bars and restaurants and stuff if you're in Murcia for a bit, sorry.
  7. Yeah, UCAM - Murcia is going to sell out, they're trying to put up temporary stands to raise capacity. If you're in town that week try and get to the ticket office at the stadium ASAP. It's the first time we've played at the stadium since moving to the new one, and the first time we've ever played against UCAM so will probably be the biggest game of the season. Post in here when you're there and if you're having trouble I'll try and get something sorted for you.
  8. Very well made argument, good stuff.
  9. Haha, that's Maya Jama off Rinse. Absolute goddess.
  10. Haha, wasn't being 100% serious, but yeah. If Llorente had had the season Aduriz had he would have definitely been in the squad. Anyone but Costa/Torres will do really.
  11. Yeah, I meant more that playing Koke over Xavi/anyone wouldn't fix the problems from the Holland game.
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