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  1. Primarily your first objective needs to be points over style. Without seeing the whole of your squad it's hard to fully give an opinion however a 3-5-2 formation in the shape of CD - CD- CD WB DM WB CM CM AM T has always been a solid foundation for me. I haven't set NCB etc because I haven't viewed your squad. However from what you have shown me. I'd play Westwood in a C
  2. Other then the 'obvious' no in game editor EVER -No unused sub fee -No yearly wage increase -no sell on fee Outside of that..game on.
  3. I see this all too often with my defenders. At first I put it down to lower league players being indecisive or their composure not being high enough. Then, the team transformed into a premier league winning team and 'wold class' players were making the same mistakes. It makes the composure attribute for defenders worthless in my eyes.
  4. Hiya, here is my first et's play challenge series on FM20 and it's with West Ham. The goals are very clear https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iwB99_gm_2A 1) Play the West Ham way 2) Qualify for Europe 3) Return West Ham into being one of London's top teams. I aim to do this within 2 seasons no more...but if I'm honest one would be a dream lol. I hope you all join me on this journey
  5. Thanks Mate, will be updating this quite a bit over Christmas
  6. FM20 Blog - 'The Yeovil Revival'- Football Manager 2020 Blog. Part 2 We’ve all been there. Busy packing for a family break away when the idea of starting a new Football Manager save grabs your attention. You eye the trunks and armbands on the bed. Do I pack them?...or do I ‘forget’ them and use the time to start a new Football Manager save? Of course, I’d be absolutely gutted to miss out on family time, but I could also turn to that old flame Football Manager for a shoulder to cry on. Decisions to be made and FA
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sBpKgj1QgBM Panathinaikos will be live on the channel later this afternoon.
  8. On the way early this week in addition to the suggestions of Parma and Borussia.
  9. Anderlecht is now on the channel. I hope I have done this great club justice.
  10. Morning, Roma was live yesterday and here is the Valencia guide. The O.M guide is also on it's way Cheers and enjoy playing FM20 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nbLAFpvhP3o
  11. All requests are being worked on. I can only apologies that they haven't been done yet. Sadly my 12 year old was rushed into hospital Friday evening and the weekend plans of recording went out of the window and Instead we were in all hospital weekend. Hopefully have most done by at least tomorrow ! Keep your eyes peeled or subscribe to the channel and get it when they are released https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPhPy_79sSvPSugh32vN8qg?view_as=subscriber
  12. That is on the way and already done so should be up either today or over the weekend.
  13. Evening you lovely bunch, couple more FM20 team guides for you. As always thank you for your support. Any requests I have received are being worked on and I will have them uploaded ASAP For the time being, here are the next round. As always please head to the channel to subscribe ready for our Let's play series' on the way ( that's right, greedy boy has more then one lol )
  14. I think the easiest thing to do would be ask yourself.....If I was going to football tomorrow what would I call entertaining football....then once you have answered that. Whatever it is implement it. If you are an accountant and 4--5-1 gets you going then so be it.
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