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  1. rotate the team a lot dude . I had this. Dont be afraid to give anyone a chance.
  2. I have stuck with 4-3-2-1 for a couple of games got a couple of decent results. will try 4312 but only against teams i expect to win.
  3. My assistant always recommend 4-4-2 but doesn't seem to get me results so i play Striker Winger Winger MC MC DMC DL DC DC DR GK GK
  4. Gentlemen, even with what I consider a good team I've started to struggle. Anyone got any ideas to tactically they would do?
  5. Thanks for the response mate. I have spent pretty much the whole weekend wheeling and dealing, scouting etc. I am very pleased with the squad i have ended up with:
  6. All the big ones, but the more obsure ones i find are good for little gems are: Brazil Argentina Switzerland Greece
  7. Good work mate. Glad it worked out for you. some good signings there so far.
  8. Afternoon Guys! So last night i finished my first season. I won the league on Goal difference. Woooo! I still won As you can see my team from December. I added Kristoffer Ajer who turned out to be a brilliant bit of business scored some great goals from long range. My question is with all the players returning from loan who to keep, who to get rid of? The biggest question is where to strengthen and with who? All Suggestions welcome. I have £46.5 Million to spend.
  9. Looks like you are doing very well and with (don't take this the wrong way) not a particularly strong EPL squad. Where is Laceselles?
  10. What i will say is have some patience. I was 10 points behind Norwich who was top and i was 5th in February. Make sure you praise good performances of individuals. Especially Shelvey. Also dont be afraid to use a 4-4-2 against opponents that you would expect to win against. Try and kill them off early so i tend to sideline team walk encourage in the first 20. I have just finished my first season finishes top on goal difference. but I still won the league. There are many games in the championship so plenty of time. I found looking into the opponent analysis very useful, try get a good assistant i went with Steve Clarke. Also a Good Data Analysis.
  11. Whats Dembele like from Celtic? tried to get him in the championship but didnt want to join me. Good enough for the prem?
  12. wow you have been busy. Any chance you could post up some screenshots of some of these players as i haven't heard of a few of them. I am just finishing my first season so will be preparing for the prem. I am wondering if any of these could help me.
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