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  1. Shiraz, L.Piszczek is converted striker - he doesn't have defending abilities, I see no role for him other than wingback. J.Blaszczykowski was right fullback before joining BvB - he should help him as defensive winger/support with Kehl as anchorman dropped to DMR position. When facing formation with 2xDM it's hard for any player to dictate play from the hole so I prefer attacking AMC (AM/a, IF/a) and supporting FC against those formations.
  2. You can't look at his settings as separated from formation, other roles and duties or Thiago's PPMs. Maybe he doesn't have situations for that kind of passes or maybe he is Xavi-like player and dictates tempo with short passes - there are many theories but only watching situations/full games gives you solution.
  3. It's true - Jose didn't have Maicon-style fullback on left so Chivu or Zanetti stayed deeper and winger on their flank also played deeper (especially in Champions League). Fullback with support or defend duty plus inside forward with support duty - he uses this combination at Real too. I remember article from zonalmarking.net about Mourinho's inside forwards positioning at Chelsea compared to Ancelotti's and AVB's inside forwards: http://www.zonalmarking.net/2011/08/14/stoke-0-0-chelsea-villas-boas-tactics/ (it's below the article about Stoke-Chelsea match analysis).
  4. Do you remember/know those articles? Millie wrote this after Mourinho's last season at Inter - it could be helpful: How will Jose Mourinho manage at Real Madrid (part1) How will Jose Mourinho manage at Real Madrid (part2) How will Jose Mourinho manage at Real Madrid (part3) How will Jose Mourinho manage at Real Madrid (part4) How will Jose Mourinho manage at Real Madrid (part5) How will Jose Mourinho manage at Real Madrid (part6) How will Jose Mourinho manage at Real Madrid (part7)
  5. Don't waste your time, mate and say goodbye to Mr Hater...
  6. If you talking about FM2013 and lone poacher/"often forward runs striker" it's probably true but we need to have right man upfront and, as you said, good tactic. If it's about FM2012 then flaw is flaw - we can't shut it down, every tactic exploit it more or less, even strikerless tactic.
  7. DLF/support is more creator than a scorer so you need to look closer at his assists/key passes. If you want goals from him and you have capable player you can try complete forward/support role or targetman/support - I use those roles in my 41221 and it looks good (targetman generally scores after crosses and creates by winning aerial duels, complete forward is poacher/creator combo in one person thanks to his intelligent off the ball movement and anticipation).
  8. To really understand tactical evolution of SFraser's ManUtd you need to read his previous threads: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/220742-Creativity-and-Flair. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/229538-Modern-Tactical-Concepts-Do-They-Work-in-FM
  9. wwfan, Have you noticed any change of PPM importance after new patch? Previously PPM that affects forward runs (drops deep or gets forward) had clear impact to player position on positional heathmap (especially in central midfield)? For example: CM/s with drops deep PPM played in line with CM/d (mixed runs vs rare runs). After last patch it looks different or I'm blind - runs WITH ball affect positioning more than other PPMs and runs WITHOUT ball affect less than before patch. Inside forward with "cuts inside" PPM seems to cut inside earlier than inside forward without this PPM, player with "shots from distance" PPM shots from distance more than before patch even with "work ball into box" shout. Am I paranoid or patch changed those things?
  10. The first thing you should try is more conservative strategy: standard, counter, even defensive. I've played standard and counter before this patch and I'm trying even more conservative style now. The reason is simply, I like quality chances, not 50 shots per game without single goal...
  11. Control and attacking strategies, I barely remember that settings, FM2013 changed my way of playing completely. If you have over 30 shots per game with counter/standard strategy who needs attacking settings anymore... Have you tried Ayew as adv.playmaker instead of Cabaye? Cabaye is more suited to dlp role than adv.playmaker - I've tried different players as ap/a and I think that it's very demanding role, especially in 4-1-2-2-1. Cavani as dlf with support duty drops really deep, if your ap/a can't run into created space your central midfield will be isolated...
  12. This looks like new tactical feature of 13.2.1 patch - pass into space to keeper. My defence makes those gifts all over again after new patch...
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