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  1. FM isnt optimised for use of a 64 bit system yet anyway, so if it runs on 64 it should still run on 32.
  2. As far as I know you can sign a keeperoutside of the transfer window as long as he isn't currently contracted to a club, you can use the player search filters and usually find loads of unemployed keepers, just don't expect to find a particularly good one.
  3. I have every fm from 09 onwards still installed in my steam library, never caused me any issues at all.
  4. Had my worst ever result in any competitive match on any version of FM just yesterday on this years beta. Got thrashed 11-0 playing as Celtic v Real Madrid in the CL group stage. Ronaldo put 6 past us.
  5. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/364133-FM14-Good-Full-Backs
  6. Your save will auto update to the full version as soon as its out.
  7. Managing Celtic and did the double in my first seasom (league and scottish cup) and got into the CL group stade, knocked out bottom of the group though so the aim in my second seasonis to retain the league title and try for last 16 of CL or at least still be in Europe after the group stages.
  8. I've taken my Barca team to 4 Club World Championship finals and only won 1 of them, we keep bottling it against random South American/Asian teams. Lost 2-1 to Internacional, 1-0 to Sao Paolo and worst of all 1-0 to Seongnam who aren't even in a playable league in my game. The 1 we won was a 4-0 beating of River 2 seasons ago.
  9. To remove a player from your development list when a loan is in progress (without having to send him to an affiliate), left click on the green priority number at the far left of the screen, the remove button wont be greyed out any more and you'll be able to remove him. I just did it earlier on today when a team tried to loan a player I was having to use in my first team due to injuries.
  10. Thanks op for posting this. If you swap mental health problems with a physical disability (and the inevitable consequences of health issues and dealing with societal ignorance), you pretty much have described my situation fairly accurately. my friends and family don't really get that FM is a therapeutic thing for me and see it more as just a 'crutch' I use to hide away from life. It's kind of nice to know that there are other people out there that just 'get' what it means to be able to have something like this great game to help us through the tough times. As a poster above mentioned taking the step of speaking out publicly is a big step in the right direction and as others have said good luck with the recovery process.
  11. Who are you managing? Barcelona How long have you been there? In my 4th season after spending several years at Celtic and a short spell at Man Utd. How has your season been so far? Currently top of the league (but only played 11 games), qualified for CL last16 and have already retained the Spanish Super cup Who is your key player and why? Regen Cicero Diego has been my 'new Messi'. What are you long term ambitions for the club? Overtake R Madrid in most CL wins. How is your relationship with the chairman? Ok, but won't budge so far in building me a new stadium. Do you have much money to spend and if so, who would you like to sign? I have more transfer funds than I can spend as the club is now producing lots of top quality youngsters through the academy. Something relevant to your own save: Was amazed when I got offered the Barca job since my best league finsh with Man Utd was 5th..twice in a row!
  12. If I remember correctly the app can start your pc from stand-by mode but not from completely shut down.
  13. If you have an Iphone/ipod touch or ipad there's an app called logmein which (sometimes) lets you access your pc remotely and play fm. I tried it and the connectivity was hit and miss and navigation on an ipod touch size screen was tricky but it was a year or so ago so may have been improved since then.
  14. There's a young Brazilian midfielder who starts at Flamengo called Adryan. Starts off only being able to play in the centre but when I signed him for Celtic on my first FM13 save and retrained him to Aml he performed brilliantly for me over several seasons.
  15. No probs, the new interface for FM 13 had me trying to figure out where everything is now for ages as well.
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