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    Our integrity sells for so little, but it's all that we really have. It is the very last inch of us


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  1. slipknot67

    Sexy Elephants

    liquorice bananas...as misheard by one of the actual members f Slipknot every time they played/sang the chorus of Liberate my madness.
  2. FM isnt optimised for use of a 64 bit system yet anyway, so if it runs on 64 it should still run on 32.
  3. slipknot67

    OTF Health and Medication Thread

    No apologies necessary, the last thing I want to happen is for other users in here to feel they cant get stuff off their chest because of feeling their problems arent severe enough compared to mine. Thanks for the encouragement and i intend to prove the experts wrong and give my illness one hell of a fight.
  4. slipknot67

    OTF Health and Medication Thread

    Yeah, it's likely to be a fluid build up in my leg which since I'm getting district nurses every day will defo be kept a close eye on.I must admit I'm noticing a posititve mindset is actually making a noticeable diffirence in how I feel and makes it easier with things like staying motivated to get out and excercise as much as I can, which sure beats sitting around in my flat thinking too much and literally worrying myself sick.
  5. slipknot67

    OTF Health and Medication Thread

    Update on my previous post: had a follow up appointment today with my surgeon, the wounds on my back are staying stable for now and most encouringly my hemoglobin levels have stayed stable for the entire two weeks since being discharged from hospital.My leg has swollen up and I was worried it was cellulitis, which on top of everything else would have sucked but my surgeon said it's more likely to just be my circulation, which has always been rubbish in my leg anyway due to having spinabifida.Been feeling physically really good since coming home and thanks to the support I've had from my family and from being able to get things off my chest on here I'm feeling quite a bit more positive than when I made my first post in the thread.
  6. slipknot67

    Two PCs. Whichvis better?

    Not much more than a noob with tech myself but at a glance i'd say one from Dino pc just because the other 1 has integrated graphics which wont run the 3d engine as well as a dedicated graphicscard.
  7. slipknot67

    OTF Health and Medication Thread

    Thanks for taking the time to steer me in the right direction, the hardest thing about the way I'm feeling right now is just the feeling that any direction i try to look in just has a dead end at its conclusion (excuse the dark humour punnage, its just a coping mechanism i guess).The year at most thing came up as i kind of forced it out of 1 of the 2 palliative care team doctors Ive been talking to, my surgeon will only say the infection could cause a fatal bleed tomorrow or it might never happen, i guess diffirent people react completely diffirently to infection interacting with major blood vessels and I must admit the fact that I fought my way back to good health after contracting necrotising fasciitis as a teenager is 1 thing i'm trying to focus on to make myself believe I might be one of the ones who wont react with a severe bleed.As for trials I haven't been offered anything but I have a follow up appointment with my surgeon on the 13th during which I'm going to insist on being informed of any new antibiotic or any type of infection treatment for that matter. Thanks for asking that last one btw as I doubt I'd be able to have thought of clinical trials with where my head is at right now. Thanks for the reply and I must admit part of me still keeps thinking maybe they got the cancer diagnosis wrong, but I'm afraid after 3 seperate biopsies and 9 individual samples taken they've been far too thorough and careful to have got it wrong but I absolutely intend to give this illness one hell of a fight and have already done a ton of research to make sure I'm putting all the right things in my body to help fight infection and slow the growth of timours.I also consider myself very fortunate to have gotten so addicted to a simple pc game to have fond such a helpful and supportive community that has at times had me crying with laughter at it's ability to to take the **** so brilliantly ruthlessly one minute, then have me crying tears of genuine emotion and pride it the way you guys rally round and go out your way to be supportive when one of us hits hard times, even a notoriously shy lurker like me who only ever posts in gq and mostly just pop in here to read.
  8. slipknot67

    OTF Health and Medication Thread

    Thanks for the replies and advice, it's really appreciated. I have been talking to a oalliative care team from both macmillan and marie curie as well as having a really good relationship with my regular district nurse team who have been working closely with me for the last 9 yrs due to the pressure sore i mentioned earlier.
  9. slipknot67

    OTF Health and Medication Thread

    Been in and out of hospital with low hemoglobin and bacterial infection for the best part of last year, with no one being able to figure out why it keeps happening.Got reffered to plastic surgery and was admitted 4 weeks ago, thankfullly under a surgeon who didn't just treat my symptoms and send me packing like usual, but immediately started a round of several biopsies and scans of my back (where i developed several abscesses) the upshot of all of which is that i have streptococcus and staphlycoccus in my spine, which has already apparently destroyed my pelvis and the real ****ing kick in the teeth is the biopsies found Squamus cell Carcenoma in my left hip, which is apparently a slow growing skin cancer which doesn't respond to chemotherapy but usually responds well to Radiotherepy. Only thing is Radiotherepy kills white blood cells which means while the cancer may shrink the infection will just kill me quicker.The palliative care docs say i have at the very most a year but according to my surgeon the infection is very close to large blood vessels in my back and i could have a fatal bleed at any time.I don't know if I'm going to leave this post up or even if writing it is a good idea or not. All i know is its 5 past 11 on the anniversary of my dad dying and i feel like hammered **** and writing all this down is helping a bit for now. I don't feel I want, need or for that matter deserve any sympathy as I smoked for 20 yrs with a grade 4 pressure sore, a lot of the mess i'm in is my fault, tho I must admit i'm phretty angry right now at the overprescription of antibiotics ive had to put up with for yrs by the NHS.Anyway if you took the time to read all that thanks and sorry if i depressed the crap out of you, i really just needed to get some of this **** out of my head and try and clear out my brain a bit.
  10. As far as I know you can sign a keeperoutside of the transfer window as long as he isn't currently contracted to a club, you can use the player search filters and usually find loads of unemployed keepers, just don't expect to find a particularly good one.
  11. I have every fm from 09 onwards still installed in my steam library, never caused me any issues at all.
  12. Had my worst ever result in any competitive match on any version of FM just yesterday on this years beta. Got thrashed 11-0 playing as Celtic v Real Madrid in the CL group stage. Ronaldo put 6 past us.
  13. slipknot67

    Looking for good young leftback

  14. Your save will auto update to the full version as soon as its out.
  15. slipknot67

    your progress on the beta?

    Managing Celtic and did the double in my first seasom (league and scottish cup) and got into the CL group stade, knocked out bottom of the group though so the aim in my second seasonis to retain the league title and try for last 16 of CL or at least still be in Europe after the group stages.