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  1. It's just that sometimes when a player wants to become a scout and, I know that I won't use him as a scout, I try to tell him that he'd be a good manager as it would be better to see him go on to manage a team than disappear into another team's scouting staff.
  2. Yep, just takes longer. I think the only thing that is impossible is getting somebody to do one job when they've already decided on another. I try to get all of my players into management, just because it's fun watching ex-players' careers pan out in management.
  3. I just started a game as Bognor Regis, and enjoying it.
  4. Guy Gbo? Nationality is Belgium/DR Congo, if that helps.
  5. I'd like to see from someone who is far into the game: - the international team rankings - the 'general' view of the England squad so I can see what teams the players are from
  6. What annoys me most is when the FA Cup final gets an attendence of 89999. It just seems impossible that there would be one seat in the entire arena failing to be filled.
  7. That's a quality effort. Also, doesn't it look like that match is being played on some sort of football island when you get the long shot of the landscape? Would be quite a taxing journey for a Blue Square team to make for an away game.
  8. Just beat Barca in the Champions League Quarter Final 7-4 on aggregate (3-4 at Camp Nou, 3-1 at my place). Huge result for me. Happy birthday.
  9. Mexico actually have a selection of world-class potential players in their side. Not totally surprising, could easily be done in the game with a kind draw.
  10. Ser-nah, I believe. Just looks like it's missing a vowel.
  11. Injuries have ****ed this season right up for me. Have gone from about 8 points clear with a fully fit squad in November, and by the next time I have a fully fit squad - mid March - I'm 4th and 8 points behind United at the top.
  12. That was hilarious; to be honest, when you take every one of your pens like that you've got it coming.
  13. You, my friend, are a genious.
  14. Yeah, I'm sure another guy who was dutch had a son emerge while managing in Portugal, and Portugal was his first nationality with Holland in there also.
  15. I don't think ethnicity comes into it. IIRC, someone else posted when Danny Welbeck had a white ginger brother.