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  1. Mexico actually have a selection of world-class potential players in their side. Not totally surprising, could easily be done in the game with a kind draw.
  2. Yeah, I sold him to them, lol. EDIT: Peter Crouch has also gone back to Villa in the same window.
  3. With a few of my closest friends being Spurs fans, I happen to know that if this happened, the reception for him would be far from warm.
  4. Is that due to something like it being the only game of the week, or if a single midweek game is played the best XI turns out like that or something?
  5. I think the tricky situation when you've got a promising youth goalkeeper is that you have to risk making him number 1 goalkeeper at your club before he's reached his full potential - otherwise he doesn't stand much of a chance of actually reaching his PA. I had one spaniard who was about 22 with 4* CA and I had to get rid of a 29 year old Pepe Reina to give the youngster the first team experience he needed. At 26, he was better than Reina ever was and had replaced Casillas as Spain's number 1.
  6. Something like 2017 as Liverpool in FM08. Like somebody earlier mentioned, I find it gets less entertaining when your favourite players begin to retire. I reached a point where the only real life players in my team were Micah Richards, Georginio Wijnaldum and Mario Balotelli.
  7. Sometimes for home games I imagine which player would be on the front of the program. In my upcoming home fixture against Birmingham it's Davide Santon, who has begun to hit great form in the last few games having only just been given a regularly starting spot.
  8. Hilarious thread. Sometimes when I score a late winner I imagine Phil Thompson or Charlie Nicholas going nuts in the studio. And do their voice.
  9. Shevchenko was just the don in some of the old CM games (when he was like 25-26), Cherno Samba always became awesome of course. Fernando Torres was always a great buy before his Liverpool move as well.
  10. I think the first one is like Rats-Van Rat. Not sure, I thought that's how they pronounced it in Euro 2008. Nah, the ll=y thing is Spanish I think, not French. I think that the s is like e though, so lor-ee?
  11. So Dirk is basically said in a Scouse accent? What about Spanish club Xerez?
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