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  1. The public beta didn't help. I removed a couple of versions of Visual C++ Redistributable though which seems to have fixed the issue so this can be closed.
  2. I've worked through the recommended steps on this forum (updating drivers, verifying game files etc.) but I still can't get the game to start. I've attached the crash dump file as well as dxdiag. I'm pretty sure it's something I'm doing wrong as the game was running prior to the windows reinstall, but any information you can give regarding the dump would be useful. DxDiag.txt FM 2019 v19.3.3.1202861 (2019.03.17 14.22.53).dmp
  3. For example, when I filter 'English Premier Division' looking for all the players in that league, a bunch of them (seemingly at random) are missing. When I filter and then order by CA, my top four are Aguero, Zabaleta, Toure and Schweinsteiger, yet others who clearly should be showing such as Silva, Ozil and Sanchez aren't included in the list at all. Is there any way of showing a full list or why is the editor not showing all the results?
  4. Has anyone managed to tutor a player since the new patch? I get this every single time now and half my team hates each other.
  5. Has anyone had any success with Yattara? He's looking like a really decent prospect on my game at the moment.
  6. Plumped for Feghouli as my joker transfer as they wanted 18M for Mollo Never seen him become amazing in any of my saves, but he should at least provide some solid backup. In other news, Grenier just scored his first goal for the club, a 35 yard screamer against Marseille. He's actually doing better than Pjanic at the moment, might have to tweak his settings a bit.
  7. Scratch that, he's agreed to sign a lower deal (62,000 p/w) and he's donning the **** out of teams at the moment. I'll put my transfers up in a second when I get to the end of August. Pretty pleased with what I managed to get done with a net spend of exactly 0. Surprised at the acquisition of Fabio, he transfer listed himself after Man Utd brought in another left back. Delcroix is a regen who looks like this: The only problem with him is his jumping stat, but I'm sure he has a big future at the club. I'm playing a 4-2-3-1 system aiming to get the best out of Pjanic and Lopez, but Go
  8. Just started up a save with Lyon. Anyone have any recommendations for someone to bring in for AMR as Govou looks to be on his way to Madrid? Looking at Obasi but he seems a tad expensive.
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