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  1. Suggestions for a team with: - two wingers with good pace/crossings, - a strong/big striker and - a sentral midfielder ala Scholes (Long shots, finishing++) Needs to be a club in a top division.
  2. Gamedate is 11.12.15. Work on the stadium started 8.29.15. There is nothing about it in the facilities and no there was no news after I got the request accepted by the board
  3. My Fulham-Board agreed to build a stadium, but I can not find any info about it. I seem to remember some info about it in the club-pages on earlier versions, but I cant find anything now. It would be good to know the size and name of the statium at least. Anyone?
  4. After 3 seasons my team has conceded 36% of the goals from rebounds on freekicks. Is it anything to do about this?
  5. Any tips for defending corners? im always conceding on the near post? i have a man on the post
  6. My fullbacks seem to get me into a lot of problems by, instead of tackling or playing zone, they just run right past the winger when he comes running towards them with the ball. They look like my four year old son..Any way to stop this?
  7. But he is in the national team..it seems strange to exclude him from the game.
  8. Screenshot of Martin Ødegaard anyone?
  9. I have the same problem with one of my players in Velez. Annoying ....
  10. Does anybody know of a skin where the rating system for players with stars (***) are hidden? I find that i often become lazy when it comes to scouting because of the stars.
  11. When I get to choose a foreign farmer club to boost your income, who do I choose? 1. Toronto: sum pr. year: 2,8 M. pund 2. Balena (Japan), sum pr. year: 980K pund 3. Nagoya (Japan), sum pr. year: 1,256 M pund 4. Hachioji (Japan), sum pr. year: 2,5 M pund. My team is Schalke.
  12. Is the team meetings just about the league form?
  13. About tem Meetings. Is there a system regarding the players respons to what you tell them? For me it seems to be very random. I always try to choose the alternative that reflects the situation we are in, but I am never able to predict the outcome. I this area needs a lot of work.
  14. Anyone else having problems With Rafael? He wants to leave for PSG...just moaning all the time.
  15. I dont like the star-rating-system. I would like to know what my ass. manager thinks of a player without the stars. Is this possible?
  16. My team is Dortmund of Germany and I dont have any good strikers. I would like to find a formation without strikers. Has anyone has any success with this? What makes it work and what can mess it up?
  17. Yes, and there crossing stats are 14 and 16..
  18. I play him on a support role. He does nicely for me now also, but he never gets a long ball from the defence or from the midfield. After 10 matches he has 12 goals (2 pens, 5 corner, 1 header from cross, 4 tap-ins). He also has 1 assist..
  19. My team is Standard in Belgium and I play a 442 with a deep midfielder. On top I have Libor Kozak (heading 20, jumping 17, finishing 16 and strenght 18) and Imoh Ezekiel who is a good poacher. My plan was to play a direct game with long balls up to Kozak, who could flick them on to Ezekiel. But the problem is this: I cant get Kozak into the game at all. He never has more than 1-2 headers in any match, except from corners. He should have 10-15 headers every match! Ezekiel who play poacher often has 6-8 headers in a match.. I play him as a target man and tell the other players to play towards him on his head. Help anyone?
  20. I just started a game with Crystal Palace. I play a 4-1-2-1-2 formation with a short passing style, much freedom, balanced style and control in strategy. After 17 matches Im in 1.place with a goal differense of 35-16, but I never have more than 50 % possession in any of the matches. I have a avarage of 43% and even in a match I won 7-0 to Derby I only hade 39 % of the posession. My midfielders have good passing skills and I like to play with lots of possession, but just cant do it with CP. How do I get possession? PS: I know I should be happy just leading the league, but Im not
  21. The button "Download Demo" in Steam dont work! HELP!!! Nothing happends when i press it..
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