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  1. Thank you. I will try out a few of your changes!
  2. My Milan team plays good football, but have problems scoring. I have watched a few matches, but can not see any clear reason. In every match I have played, we have had mor than 20 shots. Almost never a single big goal scoring chance, and just a few goals. See example under. Any thoughs?
  3. I need some input on how to create a tactic, and team, based on the strategy of former Norway coach Egil "Drillo" Olsen. I don't want to replicate the tactic he used, but only use his strategical framework. What kind of tactics would promote this strategy? What kind of TI and PI should I use? What kind of player quality should I have? What kind of player traits would should I look for? The attacking strategy I want to use is (the first leads to the second, the second leads to the....and so on): And the defensive strategy is: "Drillo" "quotes": "If yo
  4. I still think something is wrong here. Could it be because german players don't get to play in the nation team? Take a look at Jorunarigha: One of my best players. He has played 198 matches for me in 5 Seasons. He has got 3 years left of his contract. He is rated 4 stars by my staff. Valued at £2,7m. His reputation is 5,5 stars. Compared to a similar player, which my scout also rates at 4 stars: The value difference is huge. I can understand that a played with a big contract is valued more, but not that much more. And Paris is a bigger club than Herth
  5. Yes, I understand that. But would they be valued so low by the game when they are some of the best players in the best team in Europe? Other players in the squad don't have the same problem; Weiser £35m, Meier £55m, Adzic £47m.
  6. Some players just won't rise in value. I my Hertha save, we have won the league, CL and cup the last two seasons. Still some of my best players (4stars) have a value that just don't reflect the quality. M GK (Rajkovic £6m) and my CDs (Stark £7m, Toruningha £3m). They are all 22-26 years and all of the biggest clubs try to sign them, but will not bid much more that the value of the players... What is this all about?
  7. Well, I expect for them to perform. Weiser's stats after 2,5 seasons with a winger in front om him are 81 matches, 2 assists and 6,93. For 2 seasons I have played a wide playmaker or a IF in front of him, and Weiser's stats these seasons where 74 matches, 20 assists and 7,42. I understand that a wing back and a winger often will do the same job, but it is not possible to get something good out of the WB when playing a winger?
  8. Ok, but my problem is that I don't get the most out of my wing back when I have a winger ahead of him. Both on support andattack. But if I don't pay Chiesa as a winger, I don't get the most out of him,but then Weiser is great.
  9. Thanks for all the feedback! By the way; In my team now my best to players are Weiser, who is a great attacking fullback, and Chiesa, who is a typical winger. Is it possible to get the best out of both a winger and an attacking fullback/wingback?
  10. I would be greatfull if someone could give me some feedback on my tactic. All of my strikers underperform and gets few chances. My wide players often performs good. If I change the striker to DF(S), there is way to many long shots. We often underperform against teams on the lower part of the league, and play good football againt the better teams (vs Bayern 3-2, vs Real Madrid 5-0, vs Barca 2-2). Often against bad teams we only have 2-4 shots during the whole game and 65% possession. Thanks
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