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  1. And it should be a lottery! Now I feel I can make good signings based on the value alone, without scouting. (...sometimes)
  2. The same way it´s done in the real world. I'dont think Mourinho uses transfermarkt.co.uk to decide a players worth when he is buying or selling. No player values would encourage players to scout more.
  3. For me the biggest problem is that the value gives away to much information: Let´s say you look at a youth squad of a club in a country where you have no scouting knowledge. You see that most of the players have a value of £3-400, and one player has the value of £5000. You than know who is worth scouting..most of the time at least.
  4. But that would be the asking price, and I am OK with that. I still don´t see any reason to having a value decided by a "FM God".
  5. I don`t understand why players should have a value (£££) in the game. Would i not be more realistic if they didn´t? I think buying and selling club still could make an agrement..
  6. Is it someway possible to remove the rating stars for players in the game? I want to have the coaches input, but the stars just mess things up for me. I get to focused on having players with four or five stars, instead of looking at the stats and ratings. Is there a skin that has removed the stars?
  7. Is it someway possible to remove the rating stars for players in the game? I want to have the coaches input, but the stars just mess things up for me. I get to focused on having players with four or five stars, instead of looking at the stats and ratings. Is there a skin that has removed the stars somewhere?
  8. Where can I find a skin where the "stars" that rate players are removed? I think the game would be better without the stars, both from your coatches and scoutes
  9. I`m having big problems on my left back. First halv of the season gone and 13 of 32 goal conceded is from crosses from my left side. My left back is still one of my best players, both in rating and in stars (7,45 and 4 stars). It looks to me like he is always too narrow in defence. Looks more like a CD when we are under attack. On the other side we have only conceded 4 goals, but my right back is just 17 years old and really no good (6,66 and 2 stars). I have tried different instructions on my left back, with no result. I play a 4123 with a inside attacker (support) in front of him. Any ideas?
  10. Sorry to open a thread for this, but what does morale for a team mean in the editor? 1-20
  11. Anyone got Ross McCrorie working? He looks to be to slow to be a full back and to small to be a CD. Anyone tried to turn him into a DMC? PS: His brother is brilliant! Man Utd, Barca, Real Madrid and PSG is after him. But for some reason his value is still very low after 2 seasons as nr. 1. Only £700K, while Barjonas has a value of £5M after playing for halv a season.
  12. After 4 seasons with Rangers, here is my tips for signings: - Andy Delort - Jamaal Lascelles - Matthew Targett - Ben Pearson - Sean Murray
  13. Does anyone have a take on how to set up the formation the Ajax-style for 2016?
  14. DizzyPenguin got my point. I dont think theres anything wrong with game, Im just wondering how to turn things around when I see the signs of bad form coming. And yes, there are clear signs of problems ahead. Press Conferences, team talk, team meetings does work sometimes, but are way to unreliable. I find it impossible to predict how the reation will be, and its just a guessing game. I always watch the full match, and I find that the first sign of problems for my teams are that more and more of my clearings lands in the oher teams feet. After this my fullbacks suddently forget how to fall back, whatever there PI are. I suspect there is no good answer for this problem, but what do I know...
  15. I seems to me that the last few results influences the next result on this version than before. After a few good games and a loss, I know the next few matches will be very difficult. Here is one example for my Athletic Bilbao save: My form: WWDWL, where the last W was a 4-1 win away to Real Madrid with 16-3 in shots on target. The loss was a match we controlled, but a late pen from Valencia took it. My next match is then home to Elbar, who is bottom of the league. Earlier experiences told me that the Elbar match should be difficult because of the loss to Valencia. In the end we lost 3-0, had 2 shot on target to Elbar's 17. To test my hypothesis I restarted the game without saving after the last game. I did this 10 times and the result was: 1W 1D 8L in this match. All together shots on target was 40-122. I tried change around a bit on the formation and variated my answers to the press and the communication to the press. After this I played on, lost the next 4 matches and got back to my old form. So my question is this: is it possible to stop this bad form before it starts?
  16. But if I play a F9, will he not just stay in the same area as my AMC?
  17. After reading Pairs & Combinations and Lines and Diamonds I still dont know what personal instructions to give my lone striker in a 4231 formation with IA(A) on both sides and a AMC(s) in the center. I play direct and fast. Do I want him to drop deep to hold on to the ball and give it to my IA(A)s or do I want him to poach to drag the defensive line higher to create room for my IA(A)s to attack in? Any tips?
  18. Nation: Some where in Europe Division: Top European Competition: Not a must Media Prediction: Mid - bottom Board Expectation(s): Mid - bottom Transfer Budget: - Wage Budget: - Finances: - Other: I want a team with a good deep lying playmaker, a fast right winger with good crossing, a good inside attacker on the left side with finishing ability.
  19. I am not allowed to get into the bid at all to see if I can loan them for free. If I press "Make a bid" this message shows: Blackburn are not allowed to sign players until the transfer embargo is lifted".
  20. How do I loan players with Blackburn? I am not allowed to make a bid because of the transfer embargo.
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