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  1. Do you ever lower the defensive line? I play on FM17 with the tactic from the start of this thread. I just played against Juventus with my Milan team in a pre-season match and...: Milan Juventus Shots: 11 - 10 On target: 5 - 6 Possession: 56%-44% Big chances 1 - 3 Result: 0 - 6 Five of the goals came from through balls to Higuain from the center. Edit: Just played Sevilla and the same thing happened. Vietto runs through the defence like a knife through butter. We win the possession and shots on target, but the match result was 1-9 with Vietto scoring 8 goals.
  2. Thanks. I will go for him. Looks pretty good. What about Stefan Johansen? Anyone found a good role for him? Marking, tackling, passing and positioning 10 does not make a good BWM..
  3. Any tips for a anchorman for my Fulham-team? I can use Parker, but needs one more.
  4. One bad team meeting and we go from the best team in the world to the worst team in the PL. With 6 games to go in the league...
  5. Hehe..that Rashford loan to Tottenham might cost you the title. Tottenham looks really good on this game.
  6. It fits him well, but it has the "shoot less" instruction, so you get fewer goals from him. But he assists nicely. Workes good with my False 9 and Raumdeuter. 25 games, 4 goals, 8 assists, 7,50 rating
  7. I play '4123 wide DM' with Martial/Rashford as raumdeuter on the left and Micki/Mata as inside attack on support on the right. Zlatan/Rooney as False 9. Pogba/Schwein as advanced playmaker(a), Herrera/Fella as MC(s). Schneider as DMC(D/S). Wingbacks on support or one on attack. Offside trap the only TI other than the ones the ass.man suggestes before the match. I find its smart to listen to your ass.man. ? Works fine for me. Martial scores a lot!
  8. I hope you all don't let Schweinsteiger just rott away in the reserves the first season. He is a great back-up for Pogba if you play him in a advanced playmaker role. 10(1) matches, 5 goals, 1 assist and a rating of 7,81 the first half of the season. Why is his value so low?
  9. Could someone please explain what a transition-based gameplay is? Is it the same as counter attack-based? And how to implement it to FM?
  10. Started a new Man Utd save today. First league match at the Emirates. 2-1 down after 64 minutes and Bailly brings down Sanchez in the box. Penalty and red card. Schneiderlin joins the debate with the ref and gets himself send off as well! 30 minutes left, 2 men down and penalty to Arsenal... Ozil misses the pen, Martial/Zlatan counter and score! We hold on the rest of the match! Should be a good save
  11. You often get questions on what you think of decisions made by referees, but do they in fact always get it right?
  12. Could someone tell me what information I am supposed to get out of the "Passing Network" in the Post-Match Analysis. It just looks chaotic to me and very difficult to see any differences from one match to the next.
  13. I think I agree with you. The goalkeeper stays.
  14. Say you manage a decent French side who finish 4th two years in a row. You are happy with most your players, but not your keeper who ends up with a rating of 6,68 the first season and 6,78 the next season. Your assistant manager tells you your keeper is the star player in the side and gives him 4 stars. Your team concede 45 goals in the league both seasons and your keeper has saved 72% of shoots and made one mistake that ended up in the net in the latest season. What do you do? Do you keep him or buy a new keeper?
  15. I probably starts hundreds of saves. Just a few until I get bored, and then new ones every dag for a while. Then I stop playing for a month or two. Then I start one or two more before a new game comes out.
  16. I have been playing CM and FM for 78% of my years and a estimated 69 000 hours, and I have never been more exited before a new release!
  17. Will do. They only want £6m for him, so I will try.
  18. I tried for him, but could not afford him. I might go for Lasogga, who is a striker. Perhaps he can perform on the wing aswell.
  19. Chadli has signed for WBA on the summer update and Kenedy is on loan at Watford.
  20. I don't see much talk about the wide target man in here. I never really used it, but I now decided to try it out with my Sunderland team. My thinking is that full back normally are not very good headers and it should fit my direct style of play. Does anyone have tips for who i could try to sign?
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