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  1. how to solve this glitsh i tried to restart the game few times but with no use i'm on 18.2 patch
  2. why when any player get injured and the opposite team get ball out side to let the player treatment , my team supposed to give back the ball to opposite team ( sport spirit ) , this is not happen even in the beginning of the match
  3. Yes , even in FM 2017 there alot of actions doesn't samulate well due to lack of 3d animations , although every year they increase these animations , I think that the ME is good , but the graphics and 3d modelling needs to be much better
  4. LoL , he finally scored a goal it was special cuz i won 1-0 on Swansea City
  5. i'm on the way to January and i'm thinking seriously to sell him and i will gain some millions profit
  6. despite his ability he didn't score a single goal or made one assist i bought him from man united overall bid 10 m euro , i tried to play him as poacher and advanced forward but he is not playing well at all
  7. i'm at stoke city in 2023 , i was looking to sign a winger to play as inside forward for my 4-3-3 , you know i have Shaqiri but need someone to cover him and after a little search i found Juan Iturbe brilliant player and he is very fast he is 30 years and cost me 14.5 m euro it was release clause and now his currently value is 20.5 m euro in sometimes he plays better than Shaqiri and force me to put him starting 11
  8. yes ,but with underdog team, i think not many did this
  9. this is my fourth season with qpr in the beginning won championship second one was 9th in the league then third was 5th and now the winner (knocked out from Europa league in quarter final by Stuttgart)
  10. this is an famous Egyptian football news site talking about "Football manager answer , when Zidan will win the triple with Real madrid" http://www.filgoal.com/arabic/news.aspx?NewsID=180628
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