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  1. Have made quite a few changes again, realising my ideas on how to set regional divisions was wrong as I assumed you had to set a regional area but realise I can now set 4 cities as criteria for the preference in clubs. I did try a complicated setup at first to try and make it extremely accurate but it seemed to struggle badly in selecting sides that resulted in around 20% retained clubs in the correct level 5 divisions. So instead I've opted to use just 1 city for each division and then the nearest 10/11 clubs to that city get selected and this has resulted in around 75% accuracy which is not too bad. I ran a 10 year trial of the league overnight and found that clubs seemed to lose value by around 50% so I've just added some prize money to the Danish Premier & First divisions, not a massive amount but enough that should see each club in those divisions grow in stature by around 50% after 10 years which I think is realistic given other leagues teams do appear to grow by that much. This will need to be tested again to be 100% sure it doesn't allow Danish teams to grow too big. I am also thinking I might set all the teams in the level 5 divisions to just have that level and no set league in hope that once it assigns teams for the first division it will result in near 100% accuracy for following seasons (seeing as I can't add 8 team, 11 team, 14 team, 15 team and 16 team different leagues anyway without it being messed up I can't build it to be 100% accurate whatever I do but this will result in less changes after the first season which is probably best in the long run). I like how if you delete the right code in the file and you re-add the league/cup you can change anything you want about it, ie set prize money for top divisions etc and different promotion rules, nice little tip I recieved from this forum and thread
  2. Right I've sorted the cup out after deleting the entry using the notepad and re-adding the cup which enables me to set divisions, I've made it a bigger cup then usual so it actually includes all teams (a bit like the English FA Cup so it includes lower leagues also). Still have a problem with the regional divisions changing as there are no regional areas for Denmark in the game and it doesn't seem to let me add them into the game which leaves me trouble setting each division a regional area to select teams from. I've gone and put all the teams to have a prefered division for level 5 but that doesn't work, when I tested it teams still got moved reguardless of them having there actual division set as being the prefered one for level 5.
  3. I think what I'll try is rename my created level 5 as the standard "Danish Lower Division" and then re-name the original "Danish Lower Division" to "Danish Lower Division Tier 2" and set it as level 6 to see if that helps with the cup. Then trial it again to see if the regional settings work and the level 5 teams get priority in the danish cup instead of the tiers 6 to 9 teams instead.
  4. Yeah the Danish Cup seems to take teams from the old level 5 which is called Danish Lower Division but that contains every team from level 5 to level 9 so I lowered it to level 6 and added a new level 5 and changed teams into the right teams. Will have a go at regionalising the teams that make up the level 5 leauges and those above them as they are most likely to be relegated into the level 5. Not sure I have the knowledge of Danish geography to do the teams below level 5 so will end up sucking them up to be in random leagues when they get promoted.
  5. I thought so, thanks for the response Dale, as things stand I have made the 8 sub divisions but instead made 7 divisions with 10 teams and 1 division with 11 teams. Made it so the winners of each league get promoted automatically and the 2nd placed teams go into a play off against each other for the 9th promotion spot (there are 9 promotions in real life). It's reasonably close but the teams re-arrange themselves in the 2nd season which is a bit frustrating and also they don't all enter the Danish cup but the teams below them do. So have a few things to work out but it'll be playable at least, just not exactly like the real Danish level 5
  6. Have been trying to re-create the Danish leagues down to level 5 but it's quite a complicated setup as there are in total 8 divisions but they all hold between 8 to 15 teams and only feed certain regional leagues above them. The 8 leagues also have different fixture rules, the league of 8 play 3 times and the laegue of 14 & 15 play 2 times but again I seem to only be able to set the whole level to either play 2 or 3 times which messes up with either the smaller leagues not playing enough or the bigger leagues playing too many. They also have different promotion rules as well, some with auto and some with play off but it seems I can only set the whole level to have set promotion rules. Will try again by removing the level 5 group setting and try to add them individually but I've no idea if that would work. So basically the question is can you add a new level that has different number of teams with different promotion and fixture settings or does the whole level have to play to the same set of rules
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