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  1. Very good team to play with but for now i use my favorite team KAA Gent
  2. going not to ask a tactic for a club but for belgium, i know they play 4-3-3 etc.. but keep struggling with this new patch so got some problems with the teaminstructions
  3. same here, playing with PSG and always beckham misses those penaltys
  4. Belgium? There youth rating is 85 and i playing with standard did not get one good player in almost 10 years
  5. Well im playing with standard currently at year 20/21, so far i won 6 jupiler pro league, 6 times supercup, 1 champions league, 1 europa league. Im playing with JPs simple 4-4-2 tactic and thisnthe best ive tried. My first boughts back in 12/13 was zanetti cirstiano free and romario Players that i still have from beginning: batshuayi, mpoku, pocognoli, bolat
  6. hi mate, nice skin but there much yellow, can this be red or white
  7. Hi mate could it be possible to make it standard de liege style?
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