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  1. hes been quality on the last couple of FMs! Got him as a replacement for Ben arfa in my newcastle squad. like for like and a nice profit with age on his side! Reccomended
  2. Lower League Signings For Top Leagues

    Anthony Malbon - Kidderminster - Kid if signed early in game easily has the stats to be a champ/ low prem signing Nakhi Wells - Bradford - I'm Bradford, looks like could develop into a decent prem player
  3. Leandro Paredes

    Sensational Team I must say pal, I play a 3-5-2 variation also!
  4. Absolutely Buzzing. Season 2015/2016. Won the premier league Won the Capital One Cup Won the Europa League Got knocked out of FA cup 3rd Round Will update with screenshots and full indepth analysis in a bit Well Loved this season but cant help feeling that I over achieved abit. Next season will tell.
  5. ****ing lewandowski will come but wants 180K a week, any ideas how to get him to lower his demands. mind u hes getting 160K at PSG!!!
  6. Barkley just didnt fit into my team, didnt know where to play the lad in my formation. however hes getting 1st team action at cardiff in the EPL so cant complain for the lad. Pressing for a top 4 spot coming into december , Currently 1st. Caicedo & Vydra have been on fire
  7. Good to see you doing well @andyh21 I got a budget of 16M but I went for a pretty shrewd transfer dealings So I brought in sufficent players and have about 30M to spend. Which I'll mull over for a marquee signing in january My squad: Improvement Ideas?
  8. Areet boys. Well my journeyman career has brought me to everton , just starting 2015/2016 transfer window. However i took over in december 2014. My team when I took over : WAS 18th in the table!!!!! Stones - Jag - Heitinga - Ziegler Mirillas - Gibson - Fletcher - Oviedo Jelavic - Naismith My team is now: GK : Forster (5.5M) / Howard RB : Stones CB : Jag / Duffy CB : Heitinga / Isimat-Mirin (Free- End of Contract) LB : Oviedo RM : Mirillas / Kembo-Ekoko DM : Gibson / Matic DM : Fletcher LM : Kakuta / Gueye ST : Jelavic / Leo Bonatini (Loan ---- To buy) ST : Ideye (10.25M) / Vydra (Free - EOC) Oviedo is performing unreal at LB for the latter half of season, Anyone about wanting a jelavic replacement - LEO BONATINI from Juve!!!! Will update with more transfer dealings
  9. im in the same season as you and h looks abs pants! either random or AI havent done anything with him
  10. I got him tutored by Gary Caldwell!! Gary Caldwell = One of the best CB mentors in my opinion! Keeping him in my reserves on 15K a week for the tutoring fact
  11. So Im going into my 2nd season and I eventually got all my scouts sorted and out and the Brazilan one found this little Gem!! Bought him for 525K (2nd Season) So 1st season probably get him for less , from Botafogo Looks like he will be a world beater with a little training and game time!! GET INVOLVED! Regards D.
  12. Right i'm a out and out NUFC fan and in my game (2019). They are a constant yoyo club. In loads of debt and in the championship. Have to take them back where they belong! Is it like this on anyone elses game ? Just left Norwich to get them back in the prem , got Ben Arfa sitting in the reserves on 95K a week and the wage budget is 860K!! Have had to sell pretty much every player to get the wage budget down, currently at 240K and the balance is just over 0. Long and hard times ahead for my journeyman career! this is a challenge as if id even seen one!
  13. FM12: Erick Torres

    think theres already a thread about him somewhere pal! great little player for my norwich team in 2019, backup to sigurddson tho! still great player imo
  14. 157 PA... over 165 i reckon is big time , like never gunna be a Man Utd/Man City/Barca/Real Player is what I was trying to say pal
  15. never gunna make it big time unfortunately tho! , Low prem - Mid , Highest he will go! Great Squad player IMO