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  1. I want to build a team around a DLP(s) in DM position. How should I set up the other players ahead of him, so they're making runs and giving him options to ping direct through balls? Links to threads where someone has tried to make a DLP/Regista as focal point much appreciated. I'm finding it a tricky one to implement.
  2. For the role of Deep Lying Forward with duty of Attack, why are the player instructions identical to those of an Advanced Forward? (Apart from Hold up ball and Run with ball) I can relate to the instructions for the Deep Lying Forward with a Support duty, with his lower attacking mentality making him drop deeper, but I don't understand how the role is still described as 'Deep Lying' if the player has the same attacking mentality and Runs from deep settings as an Advanced Forward. How does changing the Hold up ball to 'Yes' in the case of the Deep Lying Forward compared to the Advanced Forward
  3. Thanks, SFraser. I've a better idea of where you're coming from now and I'll go back and look at my tactics from a fresh angle. It's an area I hadn't given much thought beyond the ref's dispostion and whether I was playing a pressing game with a high defensive line and looking to win the ball back quickly or sitting deep and not wanting to concede fouls around the box.
  4. I don't quite grasp the part about tempo and tackling level. Why should you aim to tackle hard when the opposition is playing with a quick tempo? I can understand wanting to break up the play but wouldn't you risk having your players commit themselves too easily and leave space for the opposition to attack or is that why you should be more careful/use light tackling when the opposition play with a slower tempo - so your players don't commit themselves and get drawn out of position? Also, can someone confirm this: if I have a player with CA 150 and I play him in a position where he is rated at
  5. Is a coach with a high physio stat of any use? Seeing as I can't offer him a physio role then I presume he can't do any physio duties. Is that correct?
  6. Alex Notman and Jimmy Davis were the jewels in my Notts County team that dominated English football back in CM 99/00. Can't remember if I signed Phil Mulryne as well, basically any Man U offcasts I could get my hands on!
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