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  1. I am forwarding this from the German translation thread. Player ID: 2000045854 His "Common Name" should be "Nnamdi Collins" (Nmadi -> Nnamdi) like his First Name entry "Pharell Nnamdi"
  2. There's a problem with the letter „ß“, when the game convert it automatically to capitals. For example: KEY-227404: Hot Prospect STR-1: Biggeßt Talent LTF -> In-game: Biggeßt Talent → BIGGEST TALEN --- And here a problem without „ß“: KEY-395314: Set Piece Role[COMMENT: set piece creator, label showing the role that the player is being asked to fill at a set piece] STR-1: Aufgabe bei Standard LTF --> In-Game Aufgabe bei Standard → AUFGABS BEI STANDARD --- Maybe you can accommodate your LTF-LTC-Convertor
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