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  1. new update 16.3.1 and seems brazilian clubs now are shortened to 3 Capital Letters.
  2. Cant see much 15.2.1 and i downloaded the skin from steam. Problem only exists on the match screen background not being white.
  3. Is it borderline suicidal to tick "Close Down More" for a midfield without the protection of an anchor/DM or is it countered/neglible when you push Def Line Much Higher? For example. My setup is DLP/S with close down less, dribble less and a strictly Defensive CM/D. BTW what does/how far a "BWM/D" at DM do/go? Does he aggressively run beyond the 2 central mids to close down? Like the opposite of an Anchorman just not as adventurous as a BWM/D at CM? Is there a real life player that you can relate to that is a BWM/D (DM)? Thx.
  4. Playing Gladbach atm in my 2nd season and it seems most of the bundesliga talent is getting poached by the Big teams in EPL. Wolfsburg getting poached, Schalke getting poached by EPL teams. Does it get any better long term?
  5. juz another reason why nobody i know plays La Liga long term.
  6. OH pls.. they all are nothing compared to the original BEAST.
  7. Insane Stats and u guys think FM14 Regens are ridiculously OP.
  8. People are overthinking this. Bringing Cost of Living to a numbers game has no bearing on contract negotiations. The only reason he accepted the rosenberg offer is due to reputation and continental football.
  9. Newcastle seems to do very poorly on AI sometimes relegated even in FM13/14. You could lead them to First place in the first season no doubt about it due to their abundance of their world class talents. Cisse,Cabaye, Arfa, Santon,Debuchy,Krul. This goes to show how terrible AI squad managment is. Buying useless players and not playing to strengths.
  10. Scenario: 2nd Season. Is it normal for players to ask for 30K pounds appearance fee bonus? I just signed jones from MUFC to a 89K p/w contract. Does that mean i have to pay him 129K per week? Is that how it works? I also signed wanyama on a 76k per week contract and he asked for 26k appearance fee. They are both on first team contracts and have continental rep. Its almost as much as Rooney/RvP at 32K per appearance on their 180k p/w contract.
  11. i hope V2 fix the match score pop up. It covers a huge chunk of the replay area when viewing goal replays.
  12. This is why i am only buying this game after Feb's data update and @50% off during steam sales. Its the same story each year, remember the morale bug, Messi like wingers dribbling, CK exploits, Def Midfielders poor ratings. Sick of preordering and beta testing this franchise.
  13. Provided you make it thru to the negotiation table, 1) You dont have to be forced to adhere to club philosophy such as attacking football, sign high profile players etc if you choose minimum wage available and the clubs will gladly give you a contract with 0 obligations. This gives you total management control. 2) If manager wage is also affected by wage budget, then its a win win situation. Working on minimal wage means more flexible transfer budget. So what use is it to choose how much you are paid per week? is wage tied to reputation? Is there something i do not know of?
  14. Can you also include a separate download for match title screen? I use white skin but i prefer Dark Version Match Screen.
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