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  1. So here's the situation, I recently ran a little experiment on FM with several 200 PA superstar players put into the database. 2 Strikers ended up at United, I simulated a few seasons and noticed that both strikers were getting about 20 or so games a season. I thought this was a bit weird, I mean they are literally two perfect strikers, yet because their manager preferred a 1 striker up front formation they were sharing the play time. Now, I know there is certainly going to be some precedent of this in real life, but this is like having two Ronaldos in their prime. Is this entirely realistic? Im not so sure, you'd think that if a manager was going to make the purchase of having two of the best strikers in the world then he would do so with the consideration that he intended to play both these strikers.
  2. We need a petition to include a "Remove takeover of managed club" from the game
  3. I'd be interested in any response from someone about this. But managers sticking to their preferred formations is pretty out of control. Like literally, a manager who prefers one striker up front will rotate two World Class strikers (think Aguero and Sanchez) just to keep his one up front. It feels unrealistic to me.
  4. Yeah but I had a game where I created a bunch of wonderkids to see how the match engine reacts, and Arsenal bought two "Perfect" Strikers. Yet rotated them for 18 games each instead of just switching to two up front cause Wenger prefers one up front. I mean realistically you'd either adapt as a manager, or sell one of em. Would any manager buy Aguero and Suarez then just rotate them? I dunno... I just think it could do with some tweaking to actually enable managers to use their players better.
  5. Hey guys, Just wanna say good job on this years FM, really liking it. I do have one issue I've noticed which I think could do with some tweaking, I've done a few experiments recently by adding in "Super players" and simulating seasons (Cause I like to do this sort of thing) and I noticed that managers will happily buy an amazing striker, but then if they end up preferring a formation with 1 striker and they have 2 strikers in the squad, they NEVER seem to change their tactics. They essentially will have two world class players playing 20 games a season each, rotating them in games. I'm not sure if this is working as intended, but to me it felt a bit off. As in managers should be able to adapt to their squad beyond their preferred formations if they have two world beaters. I saw this happen both at club and national level on several occasions.
  6. One thing I've noticed about FM over the years is that I feel the AI is still really poor at recruiting talented players into their teams, or more accurately, it's very poor at reflecting how quality teams stay at the top. I mean, if you look at teams like Manchester United, Chelsea, Barca, Real Madrid... they're always purchasing the best players in the world. But in FM you play 10 seasons and big teams like Manchester United tend to not have squads better than your mid table teams... it all kinda seems to blend into this "Everyones got more or less the same quality of players". I know that sometimes big teams suffer a decline in quality, but it's pretty much a given in FM that after all their star players retire the next generation is always subpar in comparison. I'm not sure how 2017 will be... but I think this is probably the first thing I'd improve with the game. Maybe the reputation system should be more effective in determining who gets the big players, or maybe big clubs should have a higher standard for recruiting (higher PA and stuff). I can appreciate this may be hard to code properly but SIgames have improved so much of the game it feels a shame that one of the core immersive aspects of it is still so lacking. I would be really interested to hear what someone at SIgames thinks... do you think you've improved on this over the years? Or maybe is this one of the big challenges you hope to improve on?
  7. Ah ok. I'll give it a whirl tonight and report back. Another question - I'm playing LLM (Gainsborough) and of course at this level you never get to sign a Treq or Complete Forward. Most have Target Man or Defensive Forward or Poacher as their best position. Would you suggest it's better to change the roles to suit my strikers strengths or keep them as is in this situation?
  8. 1. When I'm odds on to win by a large margin the AI often employs a 5 man midfield with 1 striker. I find that the game often has 0-1 key highlights for my team, a lot of drab 0-0 draws. What tactical changes do you do to counter this formation? Does anyone else have problems? 2. When against 10 men the same problem happens. I tried to go attacking but still it's very common for the game to have 0-1 key highlights for the remainder of the game. Also I noticed this for me as well, whenever I have a man sent off it's very common for the game to fly by with little to no action. I wonder if the match engine has a problem when it comes to the man advantage... it never feels as strong as it should be. Maybe that's just me though?? I'm a lower league team (Gainsborough), incase that's relevant.
  9. I started using this tactic in my third season as Gainsborough (promoted to Conference). Had a horrible start to the season with my previous tactic but switched to this in November and have had a nice run of results. I haven't got the rub of the green lately but there's definitely a very noticeable improvement in play. More possession, less goals against. I definitely have one of the weaker squads in the league at the moment so I think this tactic has me over-performing, which is always a good sign.
  10. Does anyone have any tips for keeping the finances healthy? My second season at Gainsborough and I'm 90k in debt... I've kept to the wage budget (well, a 100 quid over). Not sure what else I can do better!
  11. Just posted it! Looking at it it does look very negative
  12. Yeah, it's a bit ignorant to say that cause it didn't work for me it wouldn't work for anyone. I'm sure that's not the case with any tactic. It's just that it constantly failed me so often and trying different formations always yielded something better! I'm at work at the moment so I can't screen shot but my tactic was as follow - 4-4-2 Goalkeeper (Defend) Limited full Back (automatic) Limited Defender (automatic) Limited Defender (automatic) Limited Full Back (automatic) Defensive winger (support) Ball winning midfielder (Defend) Advanced playmaker (Attack) Defensive winger (support) Target Striker (support) Poacher (Attack) Team instructions - Retain possession Short passing Work ball into box Play out of defence Low crosses (cause my poacher is fast so I thought it might benefit him for space) Stick to positions Close down less Lower tempo More Disciplined Prevent short GK distributions Style - Structured Default mentality - Standard Individual player instructions were set to pass short and take less risk were applicable, but mostly left untouched. So yeah my basic tactic was designed with the idea in mind to keep possession, and play a patient game. I expected to have more possession but less chances but what irked me was that I ended up with less possession and chances. My team was predicted to finish 20th so it's expected I would get outplayed a lot, but the run of bad results was something like I've never had before! (Been playing FM for years). I guess I don't have enough information on 4-4-2 (it was only one season after all). But switching to 4-3-3 has had a noticeable impact (once again, only 10 games, so not a lot of information yet).
  13. After a whole season with Gainsborough I finished 18th, avoiding relegation but having a horrible run of results. My tactic was a basic 4-4-2. I figured since I was in Conference South I'd play a very limited style based around retaining possession. It failed a lot. I experimented with different team instructions, player instructions, player roles. But it seemed like the basic 4-4-2 was always destined to fail. However now I'm using a 4-3-3 and having much more joy. I know that the common theory is pick a formation based around your best players, and also to pick formations based on your opponents, but to be honest in my experience some tactics are simply more effective than others. So I'm wondering if 4-4-2 is a tactic to avoid or not, has anyone had success with it?
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