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    Season ticket holder at Bolton Wanderers, referee in a youth league, love football and fm :)

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    Football, Sport, Xbox

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    Bolton Wanderers
  1. Could anyone help me with this? I'm playing at home (Dagenham and Redbridge Vs Bristol Rovers), 4-1-2-2-1 formation (christmas tree) with attacking philosophy, yet off a throw in I have 7 people in the 6 yard box leaving two of their players free on the edge of our area? They inevitably score, but can anyone suggest why my players are all standing so deep?
  2. Acing the Tetradecagon - The Master Achievement Hunter

    They also qualified for World Cup 2006
  3. Can't explain my poor start

    Haha, very good
  4. Nice, there is a thread where someone has made over 60 leagues which you could check out when you have finished in Oceania
  5. Good luck in the O League! Where did you find all the Oceania leagues?
  6. Facilities

    Im sure there is Excellent and Exceptional but I only manage Plymouth, my facilities are all average :L
  7. The Fifa GK mistake Goal

    This happened to me on FM11 [video=youtube;EMqon52wxYQ] DOEgsToPDskKqzA3-o7LhP1q47jQJW1x6
  8. Not exactly bored at Plymouth but we arent going places whereas at Burnley I could see it being a lot easier to push for promotion...
  9. Id rather not reload tbh just wanted to see if anyone had had any experience of this
  10. Hi Im currently at Plymouth in League 1 and I appled to Burnley who are also in League 1. They said in the news that they were flattered but they couldnt realistically afford the compensation, so if I resigned from Plymouth straightaway, what are the chances of me getting the job? Thanks:)
  11. San Marino - The Ultimate Challenge!

    Well done lad, Ive been following quietly since the start
  12. [FM11] dafuge on tour

    Great career as usual How are Bolton doing?
  13. Hi I want to remove all players from a club so when i go on the players list in the editor i click clear, but then when i start the game all the players are still there :S Anyone know how I can solve this? Thanks in advance
  14. The higher you go in the rankings the better regens you will get, good luck with this