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    Season ticket holder at Bolton Wanderers, referee in a youth league, love football and fm :)

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    Football, Sport, Xbox

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  1. Could anyone help me with this? I'm playing at home (Dagenham and Redbridge Vs Bristol Rovers), 4-1-2-2-1 formation (christmas tree) with attacking philosophy, yet off a throw in I have 7 people in the 6 yard box leaving two of their players free on the edge of our area? They inevitably score, but can anyone suggest why my players are all standing so deep?
  2. Well done lad, Ive been following quietly since the start
  3. Great article but which sort of personalities go well together? (Jamie Carragher just fell out with me for asking him too much as well )
  4. How could Liverpool have won it when they are in the EURO Cup first season?
  5. Hi HRBFC great thread. Could you post a screenie on Roland Bergkamp if he is still around. Thanks again adn KUTGW
  6. Indian Premier League That doesnt even follow the letters does it lol
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