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  1. It's a pretty huge AND old problem, and the worse part is that being such a fundamental area in the game it hasn't recibed as much hype as it should, im starting to lose my faith at this point.
  2. You can get slaugthered down the wings in a counter, but other than that is a fairly solid formation, excellent for keeping posession and making yours the centre of the midfield. Its main problem though its external, because of the popularity of the 4-4-2 and 4-5-1 you will ALWAYS get outnumbered on the wings since youre playing with just two forwards, giving the oppositions's fullback practically no pressure at all. Wouldn't use it at Spain or England.
  3. Yes but what about teams that are looking for a draw? There's no point in giving them space that they wont exploit since they are already getting the result they want.
  4. That regen looks like the best player ever, just look at him! his only "weakness" are his lack of acceleration ("lack") and finishing...
  5. Pretty straight forward, how can you counter attack when you are the bigger team? Or should i really call it "counter-attacking"? In general teams like Manchester United or Germany have all been regarded as great counter-attacking teams that are not really posession oriented, yet most of the the opponents they play against doesnt attack team as much as to counter-attack them, i mean, to counter attack you have to be attacked, then how can you exploit spaces at blistering speed like those two sides do when the opposition isnt flooding your half and gaps arent left in their defences? I dont know if im explaining my doubts so well, but my question is pretty much that. Is it possible to counter-attack when you are supposed to be the team taking the iniciative? What is the general strategy that Germany, Manchester United or Real Madrid use to break down defensive teams? since they dont really play too much posession based football. Thanks in advance.
  6. Can you exactly do that? i mean, telling your board what club exactly you want instead of choosing one of the options they present to you? Also, do you "force" your youth players into getting mentored by a senior player, even if the youth doesnt agrees at first?
  7. Seems rather hard to implement SFraser's philosophy in spain, such a shame reserve teams in spain are so independent of the first team. Well thanks anyway!
  8. Kinda of a stupid question, but what would you do if you're managing a club in a league like Spain where there's basically two reserve teams and you cant rotate players between all the 3 type of matches you say as fluidly as in England?
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