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  1. Reading this makes me feel I made the right decision not to buy FM anymore, as long as I'm forced to use Steam to be able to play it.
  2. The game as it is right now, is pretty good, but I still miss a few things. I haven't read through all of the 73 pages, so maybe some of my suggestions were posted before, which only shows how good the idea is then . * Add the Dutch Topklasse to the game, with the promotion/relegation to the first division. * Postpone matches due to weather or pitch conditions. * When you sell a young player to a bigger club, you should be able to negotiate the option to loan him back for the next season, of, if you're the bigger club, be able to offer you buy the player, but loan him out to his current club for the forthcoming season. * When offering a contract to a player, add the ability for using a one-sided renewal clause. This clause would allow the club to renew the contract once for x years without having to negotiate with the player again. This kind of clauses are used IRL and it would add some more depth to the game. * IMO it would be a good option if during a match, you can send players from the dug-out to warm up. This might give players on the field an extra boost to perform, as they might think they're going to be substituted. * In the Netherlands, some teams have a joined second team or youth academy. It would be nice if this option was also added to the game.
  3. I've got the same problem. Maybe the server is just a little busy with everyone trying to activate their game?