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  1. losing interest in this challenge... the seasons just seem to be one long grind atm. gonna take a break and play with another team for now.
  2. nice one. im 2 weeks away from the start of season in the BSP. trying to rebuild my squad asap. its very hard trying to account for both pace AND ability =/
  3. Just signed luis cumbers to partner james keatings upfront in the BSP. woohoo! also have kevin phillips in a load deal pending but i think he'll snub it =/
  4. so many amazing old time players available now but no one wants to come to the mighty U's! :O carlos vela removed! michael owen! martin petrov! voronin! who wants to play in the BSP?!
  5. is there a way to coax people to come out of retirement and play for you?
  6. this is my sutton united start page btw... forgot to upload it when i started. http://i956.photobucket.com/albums/ae46/aao2p2/DafugeChallenge-SuttonUnited-Manage.jpg
  7. getting frustrated at the amount of players that my assistant manager filters as being interested in signing for me... then when i go to sign them they have no interest whatsoever to join me. fdggzfdbvszf!
  8. wow quick answers hehe. yes, i can offer him a trial... but what do i do after that if he accepts? will the option be available to sign/scout afterwards?
  9. is it true that you can only sign players who you can get scout reports for? im interested in signing brian mcbride but cant get a scout report for him so not sure if its breaking the rules...
  10. i had this in my man united game... i think it's to do with team talks as when i started using the more superlative answer, the concerns went away.
  11. just finished my first season... decided to let like 80% of my squad go who i wanted to offload anyway and planning on rebuilding for the BSP.
  12. ill try this out but not very good with editing stuff hehe. ok thank you. ill take a look too.
  13. Bumping my question about getting proper badges for sutton united. anyone know how?
  14. does anyone know where i can find the proper badge and upload it into my current game for sutton united?
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