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  1. hmm cool. thanks for the tips. finished the season second in the end. next seasons target is to win the EPL with 90m. im finding it hard to get the top class players though. the clubs are continually demanding 150m+ deals for their players and i just cant afford to pay that if i want to get in one or two wold quality players for the start of the season. i might be forced to buy srna just to give me more width as an attacking option as micah isnt going to cope as a wing back. i might stick with wayne bridge for one more season... we'll see how things go. really questioning the decision to go for wing-backs atm as theres such a great deal of talent for the attacking midfielder position compared with the wing-back option..
  2. im interested in experimenting with formations next season as i want to incorporate the amr and aml positions more... and obviously bring in the likes of ronaldo/messi/ribery etc. but we'll see how that works out. ive played around with some exotic ones earlier in the season in cup games, but i was either playing with one amr or one aml... then again, part of me wants to just scrap that idea of signing the aml/r players and play with: -------------gk---------- -------cb---cb---cb----- ---wbr-------------wbl--- ---------cm---cm------- -------------------------- -------st---st---st------- or -------------gk---------- -------cb---cb---cb----- ---wbr-------------wbl--- ---------cm---cm------- -----------amc---------- -------st------st-------
  3. hey everyone, started a game with man city whilst reading through this thread - some pretty cool signings and tactics you guys made. signings: personally, i decided that i didnt like the RB and LB options in srna/vargas so i kept bridge and richards in for a season and planning on getting maicon/lahm next season. i did keep lescot and toure too, but i was leaking goals despite playing a dmc so i opted for signing mexes in the january transfer window to sure things up... currently 30 games into my first season and ive kept far more clean sheets since he came. from the main squad, over the course of the season, ive got rid of zabeleta, petrov, swp and garrido... some as loans with option to buy and some as transfers. i felt i had enough strength in my team to not sign toooo many players, but i did splash out on fabregas for 70m. also brought in kameni as well for 5.25m and mexes for roughly 17m in january. i wasnt happy with bellamy so i put him in the reserves after a few games and brought in ruud van nistelrooy as a back-up player for 725k. formation at the moment i play a flat 4-3-3 or 4-1-2-3 with a dcm, 2 cm's and 3 st's switching between to two randomly if things arnt going well in a match. im curently 2nd in the league with roughly 8 games to go... 10 points behind chelsea and 7 in front of man united. i could have been chasing them down to the wire, but 3 games against lol-opposition has caused me to drop too many points.. so im happy to just take 2nd and work on a ECL team next season. i seem to win against the 'big teams' easily, but lose/draw against the weak teams... very infuriating but nvm... only first season. ---------------given------------- richards---toure---mexes---bridge -------------de jong------------- -------fabregas---barry---------- --------------------------------- ---adebayor--tevez---robinho---- difficulties corners - what's the trick here? i dont think ive scored one all season. they either go into the keepers hands or the opposition heads it clear. weaker teams - i tend to either really coax them along or slam them hard for failing to beat/score against bottom half teams. tevez openly criticised me after one match too, so i stopped incase i made him upset next season: looking to sell robinho or adebayor and buy a world class striker... maybe ibrahimovic if he'll come or torres. also want to get maicon and lahm as my attacking wingbacks and i should be set for another season.
  4. losing interest in this challenge... the seasons just seem to be one long grind atm. gonna take a break and play with another team for now.
  5. nice one. im 2 weeks away from the start of season in the BSP. trying to rebuild my squad asap. its very hard trying to account for both pace AND ability =/
  6. Just signed luis cumbers to partner james keatings upfront in the BSP. woohoo! also have kevin phillips in a load deal pending but i think he'll snub it =/
  7. so many amazing old time players available now but no one wants to come to the mighty U's! :O carlos vela removed! michael owen! martin petrov! voronin! who wants to play in the BSP?!
  8. is there a way to coax people to come out of retirement and play for you?
  9. this is my sutton united start page btw... forgot to upload it when i started. http://i956.photobucket.com/albums/ae46/aao2p2/DafugeChallenge-SuttonUnited-Manage.jpg
  10. getting frustrated at the amount of players that my assistant manager filters as being interested in signing for me... then when i go to sign them they have no interest whatsoever to join me. fdggzfdbvszf!
  11. wow quick answers hehe. yes, i can offer him a trial... but what do i do after that if he accepts? will the option be available to sign/scout afterwards?
  12. is it true that you can only sign players who you can get scout reports for? im interested in signing brian mcbride but cant get a scout report for him so not sure if its breaking the rules...
  13. i had this in my man united game... i think it's to do with team talks as when i started using the more superlative answer, the concerns went away.
  14. just finished my first season... decided to let like 80% of my squad go who i wanted to offload anyway and planning on rebuilding for the BSP.
  15. ill try this out but not very good with editing stuff hehe. ok thank you. ill take a look too.