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  1. Yes, small pitch at home...away I don't really know... . Also, I play Messi as the left striker and I'm using the beta 2nd version.
  2. After thrashing Madrid 5-0, I beat Fiorentina 7:0 away... Messi with 5 goals.... :D After that, beat Xerez away also, 10:0, this time Messi "only" had a hat trick... :D Brilliant... All in all, Messi in 15 games, 19 goals an 6 assists...
  3. Briliant tactic mate, simply brilliant. With Barsa, 7 games into the league, I'm 6-1-0. The draw coming against Sevilla away, an to be honest, it's the only game I had problems, consider my self luck to get a point really. Also, in 7 games I scored 27 goals and gave up only 3. The best part? Thrashed Real Madrid away 5:0, WITHOUT Puyol and Ibrahimovic....Messi with 4 goals and an assist. Speaking of Messi, 12 games, 10 goals and 6 assists (I play him as left striker), Ibrahimovic is doing okay, misses a LOT of CCC though... :/ I play him as right striker. I got Boriello on loan, and he's doing actually quite well (middle striker btw)....5 goals with only 3 starts and 5 subs appearences. Might think about keeping him... Oh and I'm using your beta v2 tactic....
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