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  1. I started unemployed at the beginning and took the Stalybridge job. I'm now several seasons in (possibly 11) and i'm in the Premiership with a brand new stadium and the best youth facilities available. I've been taken over since in charge too.
  2. First full season with Carlisle is over and it ended in promotion. Finished up as the league champions however it wasn't easy and I was very inconsistent during the second half of the season. http://gyazo.com/75d1ee3eebef0d1b088b413a5e109da2 Stand out players: Kyle Dempsey - Took him a while to get going but excelled in the second half of the season in particular. Ended up as the league 2 player of the season and finished with 12 goals and 14 assists with a 7.40 average rating. Patric Brough - Ended the season with 13 goals and 16 assists despite playing at least 10 times at Left Back. Actually debating whether to retrain him and use him as a Left Back permanently next season as he's so good going forward. Tom Eaves - Finished the season with 19 goals from 36 games and the third highest scorer in the division. Harry Winks - Got him on a free after he was released by Spurs and didn't really know what to expect. Ended up playing an awful lot because of injuries and suspensions but was different class in Central Midfield and finished up in the League 2 team of the year. Disappointments were Mendez Laing who didn't contribute much at all in 20 appearances and Mark Beck who only managed 2 goals all season despite 16 games. Already signed 4 players from the Scotish leagues on free transfers and will need a few more recruits as i've got 8 loans ending and 4 first team players who's contracts expire. Mark Gillespie has told me he wants to leave for Birmingham too and i granted his wish so hopefully it wont be too difficult to find a replacement. Also allowing all of my staff to leave when their contracts expire. Would've preferred to bring in my own instantly but the only way i'd get the job was if i agreed to work with who was already here! Can't imagine doing that well in League One but as long I recruit well i should stay up!
  3. @Sammo10 Excellent season considering your aim was to stay up. After seeing the exploits of Reuben Reid i now have an eye on him. He got 23 on my save last season and has not done so well this one but his contract his up at the end of the season so hopefully i can get him cheaply or even on a free! Will be difficult though. Promotion the aim for next season i imagine? Half Season Update After losing two of my opening three games I went eighteen unbeaten in the league before a convincing 3-0 defeat away at Bury. I can’t really complain although I haven’t won in 4 now so hopefully this isn’t the start of some poor form. My best performer has been Patrick Brough on the left wing. In 21 starts he’s contributed 8 goals and 12 assists and he was only in my starting XI to begin with due to injuries. Tom Eaves is my top scorer with 10 in 17 but he’s since got injured and my only other striker was Mark Beck who’s got 3 in 9. Danny Grainger is actually my next top scorer with 6 goals (5 from penalties). Disappointments so far have been Mendez Laing who’s only made 4 starts due to injury but is yet to contribute. A long term injury to Eaves left me short up front and to make it worse Liam Kelly on loan from Reading got a long term injury in the same game. The other disappointment is the amount of cards I get. 9 reds in the league so far, the next closest is 5! As for Yellows I’m on 57, the next, 35…. So after 21 games I’m top with 50 points. Morecambe are second on 46 who I haven’t played yet. Here is the current league table http://gyazo.com/6e8aaf5b08a772eb8ff2fb7bc5125178 I’ve agreed to sign three players next summer when their contracts expire, all from Livingston. Declan Gallagher a Centre Half, Ibra Sekajja a striker and Kyle Jacobs who can play Central midfield or Right Wing. Only paying wages for all three of them, no bonuses, signing on fees or agent fees so I couldn’t say no.
  4. Thought i'd join in the fun here. Started as unemployed with the first transfer window disabled. I've done this previously and took the Stalybridge Celtic when they were in the Vanarama North but i thought i'd aim higher this time. Anyway, with 5 games to go of the regular season I was offered the Carlisle job. They were 23rd but only in the relegation spots on GD and we ended up finishing 20th with 7 points from our last 15 which wasn't a bad return considering 3 of the games we finished with 10 men. Since then we've had a bit of a rebuild. Used up all of the loan spaces with some help from Newcastle (got Mbabu & Curtis Good) and also brought in Tom Eaves in up front who has started reasonably well. Six games into the season and we've taken 12 points with 4 wins and 2 defeats. Got narrowly in beaten in both the League Cup and the JPT but that was to be expected. Made some decent signings in pre season including Charlie Colkett who was released by Chelsea however he hasn't played yet due to injury! Hoping to finish around mid table and then make a go of promotion next season.
  5. I've tried a flat back 4 with a cover/defend cover/stopper and both on defend/defend. I was at one point playing a flat back 5 with my Full Backs on support but that seemed to affect my attacking play too much so reverted to a back 4. I'm now currently with a cover/stopper in a back 4. The quicker defender being the coverer One change i have made is moved my central attacking midfielder back into central midfield. Exactly the same role but it's just an extra body back for when i don't have the ball. I noted what you said about defending from the front too, i've put both my strikers onto tight marking so hopefully they'll close down a little bit more and with a bit of luck stop the opposition full backs getting on the ball. Ideally i want to keep this formation as i like 2 up front and some of my attacking play is the best i've managed to create in a long long time.
  6. So before i start i'll give you a little bit of information on what team i am and how i want to play. I'm North Ferriby (my local side) and i'm now in my third season after starting unemployed. I coped fine with the Skrill north and won the division by 5 points however it's come to the Skrill Premier and its all going horribly wrong. I've played 26 games and only managed to win 6 however my main problem is defending. I've conceded 59 goals which is absolutely horrendous and the worst of the lot was being 4-1 up away at Salisbury after 49 minutes only to lose 5-4. I'm surprised i still have a laptop to type this on after that result but it has got a tiny bit better since then! I watch the key highlights and going forward everything seems to be going okay. I've scored 38 which for a side second from bottom is pretty reasonable but i need some help defensively. I was originally playing a narrow diamond with full backs on support (which got me promoted) but i've honestly lost count with how many different formation/systems i've tried, which probably hasn't helped either i know! What i notice in games is that the oppositions wide players, whether it be wide midfielders or wingers cause me the most problems. A central player will pick the ball up and you can see it coming a mile off, the wide player starts his run, inside or outside the full back, crosses it in and bang, goal. What i'm asking for really is how to stop this? I can see it happening all the time and i've tried numerous things to stop it but i cant seem to be able to! Please bare in mind my Full Backs are certainly aren't Branislav Ivanovic or Cesar Azpilicueta but they are professional footballers (just)! Any help would be massively appreciated and anymore information i need to provide i'd be more than happy too!
  7. Pretty simple question, tried a number of different things but regularly concede from set pieces, corners in particular. Absolutely lost for ideas with what to do now. I don't really care how i defend them i just want to be able to! Current set up is as follows. RB - Mark tall player CB's - Mark tall player LB - Man Mark CDM - Mark Near CM - Mark Far CM - Edge of Area CM - Mark six yard box ST (tall) - Mark tall player ST (small) - Stay forward I put the match prep on Defend set pieces virtually every match but it doesn't seem to have any effect. Any further questions feel free to ask. Thanks!
  8. Nice to see the Hull thread up and running Struggling with the finances too so didn't bring anyone in. Sold Harper to Birmingham for 250k and will hopefully be able to get rid of Olofinjana & Mcshane in the January transfer window to free up some wages. Didn't do badly in pre season, won all but 2 games. Drew with Aberdeen despite dominating and narrowly lost 2-1 to Rangers. First league game i won 2-0 at Barnsley and had to start Sonny Bradley at CB due to Chester being injured. Also brought Emerton off the bench for 15 minutes. Fryatt (pen) and Cairney got my goals. Then beat Bradford 1-0 in the league cup through an own goal. Didn't have the strongest of sides out, give Holohan, East, Emerton & Pusic a chance from the start. Got Leeds up next so need to win that for the fans! Am i right in thinking you can now add leagues and improve the database size at the end of the season? If so i think i'll keep this save and just update at the end of the season.
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