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  1. I have a slightly hot headed midfield regen called Johnny Daley. Mr Daley sees strange zebra like object trying to escape Mr Daley takes evasive action Mr Daley seems pleased with his work Mr Daley shows dominance with staring out policy
  2. Obviously has some confidence in his ability.
  3. On the 2d pitch, maybe players have free kick routines like running over the ball, also when they hav long shots a more realistic curl on the ball not some bizarre outside of the foot 35 yarder that looks like a roberto carlos free kick!
  4. you believe its all quite real and walk down the street expecting people to recognise you as one of football top bosses, or maybe i go too far?
  5. you watch a live match on sky sports and say oh they've been hit by a four minute double salvo
  6. If anyone can remember the name of that Danish guy, there were only two players at the club where he starts he is an AM/F C and the other guy is called kristiansen!
  7. yeah, she now understands that she is not indispensable to the club and has settled for being a squad rotation player
  8. When you can remember the old school CM's and all the best youngsters from it, like on 01/02 when there was kallstrom and there was martin palermo who scored for fun and gorka larrea who got amazing and yes... quite sad, but i cant remember the name of that Danish guy that took about 5 seasons to develop but whoa did he get good!!!
  9. When you scream at players for missing on the 2D pitch, it goes like this Sat in living room with girlfriend, she will be watching Corrie or some **** like that, whereas me I have FM on the laptop and suddenly you screech "Aguero, what the **** are you doing, that was ****ing easy" girlfriend stares at you, thinking you are a crazed madman. Then the opposition scores and you get up and walk in circles, "Manchester City are ****ing ****, can we not even score past them" girlfriend mutters to herself in hope of attracting your attention, she is ignored, you equalise and shout "Cummon lets av it" as you get really quite pumped up, girlfriend is getting angry at your behaviour, oblivious to this you score a winner in the last minute, running around the living room and screaming "Aguero you beast I ****ing love you you are ****ing brilliant" girlfriend says who is Aguero, then blanking her you have to ensure you turn on time wasting and set mentality to defensive to ensure your side holds out.
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