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  1. Having a similar issue. Not a huge deal as you only need to load once per session (so preferable to an issue with saving) but it's a big difference from the previous version. Saving doesn't take long though, and overall processing speed is improved in game. A bit of a tradeoff, but overall a patch despite this issue.
  2. Yeah, I know. Hell, I took a club that was relegation the previous season, to being Champions by ten points in the Premier League. The fans loved me, but then everything turned sour in the second season and we didn't start well, but not abysmally. I thought "well, I've got some faith in the bank", but no, I got sacked the season after winning the flipping Premier League with a mid table side. It's ridiculous sometimes.
  3. Testing, it appears that Maritimo C are barred from promotion to the Portuguese third tier, is there any reason for this? Maritimo B are above the third tier, and Maritimo C have been in the third tier fairly recently.
  4. EA? Wut? You can instruct your B-team manager to use your first team formation, which if it includes wingbacks, they'll use wingbacks. Whilst I agree that the game should have more in depth interaction within a club in these instances, they have actually been doing it better in recent times, not worse. That is, "EA" as you call them aren't simplifying things.
  5. Contract negotiations are feeling all a bit contrived in FM15. The "non-negotiable" options on both sides leave a bit to be desired. It all just comes off as a bit forced when a player with no other offers on the table has his agent outright declare "I want a minimum release clause less than you'd accept if I were already at the club, or I'm walking away", this derailing negotiations, and then this player going on to retire when no one else offers them a contract. Having "non-negotiable" on the players side makes sense in an abstract way in that it gives the player a chance for the negotiati
  6. Whilst I get that the international duty bug is caused by players remaining with their national teams during single "events" that are broken up over time (i.e. OFC Nations Cup which is one group stage spread from ~October - June, the CAF World Cup Qualifiers final round last early mid October to early mid November), what I still don't quite get is why there is nothing in place to allow such fixtures to be patched, fixed or edited in already started game. I understand that the fix is in the database for 15.3.0, but why are there no options available for people playing long term saves prior? I
  7. Not a particularly large sample size, and it's usually people's complaint after a patch. If there were no patch and you got this you'd count yourself unlucky. As there was a patch, a bad injury run gets blamed on that patch. There really aren't "so many", there's a small handful out of literally tens of thousands of players of the game. Freak results happen in real life, and to completely prevent them in game would be as unrealistic as to have them outrageously common. The point is however that they appear to be rare overall, and take strange tactical set ups to produce. The question is wh
  8. ...the match engine is quite good from what I can tell, and the game is quite well balanced. Some people are having issues with player interaction and such, but my own tests aren't really showing anything odd, and at this point SI would be gathering information. If there are such issues, I'm sure they'll look to a hotfix, but simply stating "it's wrong" without examples, backing or posting pkms, saves and such to the bugs forum isn't going to help fix any such issues.
  9. That's where it's priority should be, but that doesn't mean that the modders should be almost completely ignored, and blamed for anything that goes wrong. If a mod was working entirely well, then suddenly a broken mess, something has been changed. I don't think SI should be worrying about every single mod for the game ever made, but for the small handful of very popular ones they should at least have someone dedicated to making sure that the changes don't break them and or people's games when using them. What they do with the information if they find that a patch breaks a mod is a different ma
  10. Like most versions of the game from what I can tell. A lot of people are going to get a bad injury run and assume that the game is just like that, then play for longer and find it's not such an issue for them, and as such assume it's "fixed". I'm sure it gives the developers a good chuckle each version at this point.
  11. My CDM has been consistently one of my best for a few seasons now (all before the patch).
  12. Considering that their beta testers failed to notice that 15.2.1 rebroke a previous fix for saving time, I seriously doubt they have enough to devote one to modding. I completely agree that they should, for a game series that has prided itself on modibility and community involvement over the years, some of what has come up in the past months is extremely worrying to say the least. At this point in time I've decided that FM16 is extremely unlikely to be worth money for until at least this time next year, if at all, as patching simply hasn't been up to scratch this time around. It's all well a
  13. There are quite a few complaints about suggest squad issues, players complaining about first team football and such. Now, I know it gets complicated so soon after an update. Even if they had as many as 100 people testing round the clock for the week leading up to release, that's still only 17,000 hours of testing. There's 49,545 players on football manager right now, it would take a mere 20 minutes to eclipse that figure. The thing is though, I doubt there's 100 testers, I doubt they had a week with the patch in it's current state, and I doubt that they'd be testing around the clock. Ultimat
  14. I'd assume he means to which date is the data accurate to the real world. From what was said earlier in the thread, it seems the day they set the data was about a week ago.
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