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  1. Thank you mate Much appreciated.
  2. Hi, Apologies if this is in the wrong section but i was wondering how you can get the confirmation boxes back as an option. I was trying to sign someone and when it asked me to confirm i accidentally ticked "Do not ask again" and now i cant seem to find the option to get it back. Any advice please?
  3. Hey I have been using duncs medium training from fm base but for some reason i am being decimated by injuries so i am going to give these a try because the amount of injuries is really spoiling things for me just now.
  4. When is the problem of owning a team in every category but ending up losing or drawing going to be fixed The amount of games where you outshoot the cpu heavily and have a high on target and clear cut chance rating compared to the cpu who seems to score on every little chance on target. It happens all the time far too often to be realistic in any way. Do the ratings of players shot accuracy mean anything in this game? of course there are other factors but they musn't mean crap if players seem to score all their chances when playing the the user.
  5. Not bugs mate. It's the SI email address. Thanks dafuge
  6. hi I tried to search the forum and the SI website but i couldn't find what i needed so i was hoping someone on this site could provide me with the SI email address i would need so i could write to them with any complaints i have. Thanks
  7. There is so much in this game that is laughable. You are right if you don't laugh you'll cry. In my opinion i think the game is getting worse every year.