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  1. I haven't properly played a Football Manager career save since FM11. This time it's different. Investment in new RAM and a new operating system has been especially bought just for this iteration of the game. It's time to get serious and do something not tried before. Ladies and gentlemen, this is not just a journeyman career. This is a Long Way Round journeyman career... The premise is simple. It's a world tour of sorts. Starting unemployed with no coaching badges or reputation, I hop from one club to the next in search of glory. Only I can't 'hop' too far. When moving from club to club, I cannot travel more than (approximately) 200 miles between clubs. Obviously there will be a bit of leeway here and there, depending on available cities and club jobs. However, the essence of this great management adventure is to move in a continuous and connected line throughout the world, never going back on myself. Obviously, crossing the Atlantic or Pacific Ocean will break the '200 miles' rule. The guideline observed here is that any movement between continents must be cost-to-coast. The aim whilst at the clubs is simple: Achieve something. This could be a minor trophy, it could be a continental competition win. It doesn't matter. All that matters is that something must be achieved at my stay at the club before I may move on to my next stepping stone. The overall feat is to win the 'Hexagon' - UEFA Champions Leaue, AFC Champions League, CAF Champions League, CONCACAF Champions League, OFC Champions League and Copa Libertadores whilst maintaiing the essence of a continuous worldwide route. it might be tough and may even be a little bit mad. But I want to take the game on and see it for all it's got. So let's get cracking. The Nations: AFRICA Algeria (2 leagues) Egypt (1 league) Ghana (1 league) Ivory Coast (1 league) Morocco (2 leagues) Nigeria (1 league) South Africa (2 leagues) Tunisia (2 leagues) ASIA/OCEANIA Australia (1 league) China (2 leagues) Iran (2 leagues) Japan (3 leagues) (full database download) New Zealand (1 league) Qatar (1 league) Saudi Arabia (1 league) South Korea (2 leagues) Thailand (3 leagues) UAE (2 leagues) Uzbekistan (1 league) NORTH AMERICA Costa Rica (2 leagues) Mexico (2 leagues) United States (1 league) EUROPE (all down to the default bottom league unless stated) Austria Belgium Belarus Bulgaria Croatia Cyprus (2 leagues) Czech Republic Denmark England Finland France Germany (Regionalliga added) Greece Hungary Iceland Israel Italy (Serie D added) Netherlands Northern Ireland Norway Poland Portugal Rep. Ireland Romania Russia Scotland (Highland/Lowland leagues added) Serbia Slovakia Slovenia Spain (Tercera Division added) Sweden Switzerland Turkey Ukraine Wales SOUTH AMERICA Argentina (2 leagues) Brazil (3 leagues) Chile (2 leagues) Colombia (2 leagues) Paraguay (2 leagues) Uruguay (2 leagues) Here goes....
  2. This may well be pretty subjective according to your nationality and footballing taste. However, given that there are limitations with regards to database size, how would you optimise the footballing world for a long term career game? The only proviso is that each continent must be present.
  3. This file is now available from Steam Workshop for those who are that way inclined!
  4. v2.1 now available. Awards available throughout the non-leagues; all cup finals played at the correct venue and the TV dates have changed regarding the Scottish Cup.
  5. I've never had that problem gedro! It's the first report of it. I'll be releasing v2.1 in the not too distant future. This will basically fix some issues with stadiums not allocating to the correct cup finals and improved match rules within the regional cups.
  6. Regens should appear. I had a five year test run with Lerwick Spurs and they seem to generate fine!? The update day is June 23rd.
  7. Just added a slighty updated file in the link. I noticed some of the 'move for TV' days were incorrect for cup matches - these have been rectified. Also, Falkirk Amateurs always seemed to be moved to the Grampian Combination after one season. I checked their regional divisions and found them blank. Now rectified.
  8. Glad you're enjoying it! If anybody is going to brave it with AFC Jura, let me know. They're officially the smallest and most remote created club in the database.
  9. I won't be lowering my work; just making two files available. One advanced and one 'basic'. The things I changed in the advanced rules weren't a lot anyway. Besides, I want to use both of the files together too! It may not even be anything to do with that. I believe it's a conflicting ID or some such. It's interesting how in timmytiger's screenshot, it mentions completely different competition errors to my loading screen. I'll have a look under the bonnet. Edit: Turns out the 'basic file' idea is a non-starter - I'm still running into the problem. Despite using the editor an awful lot, I still consider myself something of a novice when it comes to spotting problems within databases, such as compatibility issues. If a wiser head could shed more light, it would be appreciated!
  10. I can release a second file which uses only the basic rules to see if it helps. It means no televised cup matches or minimum stadium requirements in the Premiership; but it's a trade off I'm willing to make.
  11. I didn't test with other leagues, I simply ran for a few seasons to make sure things updated properly. Not sure why this error happens; hopefully something can be sorted out, as it'll be a shame if those two files cant be loaded together.
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