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  1. Hey all I've just taken over a new club and the management is all over me because im not signing high profile plays. I'm signing players all right ... but can somebody please help me how to sign high profile ... cant sign Messi og Ronaldo ... But what's behind the term "high profile"? .. certain attributes or ? /Sincerely Futu
  2. Hey DaSilva Can you upload your tweaked version ? Sincerely Brian
  3. Hey Zero Can you please help me. Tried to download the newest version in the links ... but i keep getting v5 ... how do i get v6 ?? Sincerely Brian
  4. FC København (Denmark) (FC Copenhagen) please
  5. Hey Guys Thanks for all the good advice. Regarding the place shots ... i cant seem to find it ... i can find every thing else ... train different things under finishing ... is it called something different??? Thanks in advance
  6. Heading attributes

    Hey guys and girls I've tried to search the forum but cant really find any treads that i can use so my question is. Can somebody tell me what attributes are required to be a good header. Could there be 5-10 really important ones that would make "a killer in the air" Sincerely Futurama
  7. 10.2 *** FBCC *** Tactic.

    The only thing you can do Anderson is either ask for people to give you tactics ... and if not then complain about the tactics that other people make available. And if you cant use them with both hands tied behind your back ... then they are so worse... Why dont you make a tactic .. or STFU
  8. Hey Higgins Is both tactics after the 9.20 patch or ??
  9. Data update 07/08/08

    This is lacking the entire danish league ... So all transfers is not included... Back to the drawing board for you if you wanna include all transfers Else please be correct next time.