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  1. Leiston Season Summary 22/23 Vanarama National Position 1st Squad - Table - Profile - Finances - Transfers - Review A season which was only really close at the end. 2 draws in the last 3 games, and the last game would decide if Halifax, Wrexham or Leiston would be crowned. All teams won their last game and saw us as champions. 1 point ahead of Halifax and 2 of Wrexham. The defense was the main reason for our succes. We didn't score as many goals, compared to the two other teams, but we only let in 26. Saul Milavanovic and new signing Vontae Daley-Campbell (previously Arsenal and Leicester) and a new goalie Nicolas Tié (previously Chelsea) played magnificantly. Didn't manage to get a new DL, but it all worked out. In the attack Harvey Bradbury, in his 3rd season for us, let the charts with 25 goals and new signing Anthony Spyrou (previously Norwich and Reading) was consistent both as MR and in the attack. Played mostly 4-4-2, but also gave DazRTaylor's tactic a go. That proved really handy, especially when playing against on the paper better teams, which leads to the cups. We played against 4 L2 teams in the FA and reached the 5th round, where we "only" lost 2-0 away to Everton. In the FAT we went all the way to the finals, and in a lucky penatly shootout beat Dulwich-Hamlet. Had a player being purchased for a crazy amount, even though I do not really understand why they would pay 625k for Terry Jordan. Besides his determination, he doesn't seem that impressive. Nevertheless the transfer was out of my hands, as the greedy no wanting to spend money boss accepted the transfer. The best part of this season was finally going pro and being promised a new stadium - well, sometimes in the future, as board decided to yet again rent a stadium. Have had all my coaching requests accepted, but every other request to improve the club has been rejected. Again. We weren't as blessed with low injuries this season, but it was managable due to squad size.
  2. End of season update 21/22 Leiston. A far better season than expected. Finished the season as winners (review) with just a single loss and quite a few draws. As the previous seasons I probably signed too many players having a large squad, but that also helped keeping the injuries down. A lot of the players are good for this level but the center defense is what really made the difference. Saul Milavanovic (previously Norwich) and Levi Laing (previously Arsenal) just played amazingly. It does seem a lot easier this year to sign ex PRM youth players. Like striker Harry Pitcher (also previously Norwich) The cup runs were good. With some lucky draws it went to the 4th round in the FA, where Leeds got the upper hand in a 5-2 whooping of our meager team. The FAT was a sad exit in the Semi Finals. Finances are good, mostly due to the Leeds game, but also since the owner is a cheap bastard. Every attempt to get anything upgraded has been turned down. Even went with a dispension, instead of upgrading the venue to league standards. For next season he decided to rent a stadium, instead of investing. Only thing he agreed to upgrade is my training badge, which is currently studying to Continental C. With the current central defense on contract (for now) the areas most needing improvement are DR/DL and wingers.
  3. Leiston Season 20/21 update. Won't make this first season as long a post as I have in previous saves. We finished 10th, which overall was really good. Played mostly 4-4-2, with 4-2-3-1 as backup. The defense really did well, only letting in 40 goals, and scoring 47. 21 drawn games has to be a personal record! Cups were good. Got low teams until 2nd round in the FA, where we lost 3-1 away to L1 Burton. The FAT was a 3rd round exit, which were heartbreaking. Played 0-0 away vs League runnerup Kidderminster, and 0-0 at home in the replay, only to go on and loose on penalties. 2 players seems worth to mention. GK Charlie Andrew, former Hull player and Forward, Jack Watson, formerly Doncaster. If i can keep those for a few seasons, it seems promising for goal and attack. Remaining squad. We managed to keep the finances in the black, thanks to the cups and a TV match income. Had so many players in on trial this year. Every time a scout report came and the word was "one of the better players" or "add quality" they came on trial. If they would accept a part time contract, they would get it. Thanks to the massive amount of players, injuries weren't a problem.
  4. After countless reloads, the lowest rep team coming up for me was Leiston. Dons is now the proud manager of this magnificent unknown team!
  5. Dorking Wanderers Season Update 2022-23 League Two Position 5th Squad - Table - Graph - Transfers - Finances - Injuries - Cups - Board Review - Season Review - Season Awards - Profile A different season compared to the others. The first season where we were hit with mutiple injuries, some rather long and unfortunately for Yann Song'o it was also a career ending injury. These injuries forced us to make quite a few transfers that wasn't planned for. Some worked out good, and some as subs at best. We did happen to have the best goal scorers and best defense over the season. With 6 games to go, we were comfortably sitting 3rd and hoping for automatic promotion, which was a tad higher than the medias 9th prediction. With 3 losses, 1 draw and only 2 wins we ended in 5th place and went to the playoffs. In two poor games we were fortunate beat Stevenage 1-0 away and drew 0-0 at home - sending us to Wembley, where Doncaster waited. They were so busy trying to beat us with fouls, but we managed to get away with a 1-0 win and thus gaining promotion to League One. It was higher than expected for sure, but with our outstanding defense and and amazing keeper the team stats really tells the story. We had a good cup run all in all - In the FA Cup we went on to the 4th round and had a great draw of Chelsea away. Only loosing 2-0 in this game was a particular highlight. In the Carabao Cup we only got to the second round where we lost 2-0 away to Lincoln. The Checkatrade was the seasons cup highlight going all the way to the semi finals where Portsmouth proved too strong and we lost 1-0 at home. Adam Maguire (GK) Had an amazing season and luckily for us no injuries. He managed a total of 29 clean sheets and beating the League Two record in the process. Quite a few clubs are after him and I am really happy he agreed to sign a new contract. It can only be a matter of time, before the board accepts an offer on him. Ricky Smith (AML) Free transfer from Wolves looks really interesting stats wise, and have great hopes for him. Robbie Fitzpatrick (AML/SC) Was our super sub this season with a great 16 goals and 8 assists. Alex Gilbert (SC) Had his first semi bad season. This due to injuries and to the fact I often went with a 4-3-2-1 formation, where he attacking counterpart just played a little better. Owen Gallacher (SC) Turned out the become our topscorer this season with 27 goals in 43 games. A secondary "highlight" was the stadium being upgraded to an amazing 6100 cap! Season League Position FAT/CHT FA Cup Car. Cup Euro Ch. Lea. 2019/20 VNS 9th 2nd Rnd 1st Rnd 2020/21 VNS 1st 3rd Rnd 4th Rnd 2021/22 VNL 2nd Winner 3rd Rnd 2022/23 L2 5th Semi 4th Rnd 2ndRnd
  6. Dorking Wanderers Season Update 2021/22 Vanarama National Position 2nd Squad - Table - Graph - Transfers - Finances - Injuries - Cups - Board Review - Season Review - Season Awards - Profile A long overdue update due to too much work irl. It was a season where York and Dorking were fighting alongside to see who would win the league. On the very last matchday York were 1 point up. We recieved the help we could have needed to lift the title, as York drew their last game. Unfortunately, we lost our game. This placed us in the dreaded playoffs, despite having amazed an incredible 104 points. We played Alfreton at home in the semi, and won 1-0 in extra time. The final saw us play Bromley and in a 1-sided show we beat them 4-0. The Cups were good enough, although not producing the same income as last season. We lost in the 3rd round in the FA to Cheltenham, where we played 1-1 at home, and 1-1 away followed by a loss on penalities. In the FAT we marched all the way to Wembley. In a game where Wrexham insisted on playing with a lot of fouls, we won 1-0. Despite going to League 2, board only agreed to improve the youth facilities. Many of our staff saw improvements to their abilities including myself a few times. Last two years amazing goal machine Alex Gilbert had a bad season in comparison to the previous. He was tuted as this years league top scorer. That he did deliver on that with a total of 28 goals and 8 assists. At the start of the season he was tuted as potential CH striker, but during the season that changed to a leading VNN/S striker only. Only positive from this, were that clubs started to loose interest in him. Owen Gallacher (SC), who hasn't had much luck first in Newcastle, then Forest and and finally QPR - without playing a single game, found a new home with us and scored a solid 22 games in 42 matches. Josh Pask (DC) played his career at West Ham without breaking through the ranks, but played a great season for us with a tackling % of 96 and passing of 76. Adam Maguire (GK) had 3 years of training with the Wolves before they let him go. He went straight in a first choice keeper and had 27 CLN in 53 games. Stanley Mohammed (AMR) previously Arsenal, and our first U19 internation (from Nigeria), was a much needed fresh breath on our flanks. 34 games 8 goals and 10 assists. One of this seasons highlights, were the FA Committee actually rescinding a ban. Season League Position FAT/CHT FA Cup Car. Cup Euro Ch. Lea. 2019/20 VNS 9th 2nd Rnd 1st Rnd 2020/21 VNS 1st 3rd Rnd 4th Rnd 2021/22 VNL 2nd Winner 3rd Rnd
  7. Dorking Wanderers Season Update 2020/21 Vanarama National League South Position 1st Squad - Table - Transfers - Finances - Injuries - Cups - Board Review - Season Review - Profile A great seasons which had us at top pretty much all season. We were pretty lucky injury wise, and a constant rotation as well as using the highest number of players during a season, was probably the main reason for the consistency. We had outstanding luck with the draw in the FA Cup, where we got to the 4th round. We played non division teams, a couple VNS/N teams and struggling teams from VNN, until the 4th round placed us against Man Utd away. Luckily they didn't field their first team, but besides the expected beating of 4-1, it plummeled our finances the right way, which instantly were invested into facility upgrades, as well as leaving a huge amount to purchase players with for the coming season. Was really hoping the financial boost would let us go pro, but alas, board didn't want to hear such a thing. We did get a boost to the stadium, but only to make sure we met the requirements. Last years top scorer Alex Gilbert scored the most goals in a season of any of my FM games with an amazing 58 goals. Balanced 4-4-2 and counter 4-3-3 were the tactics the kept sending him long balls to chase on score on. Despite him being this impressive, he could have scored a lot more, but with a shot on target ration of 62%, it didn't go that way. He also went on to win Player of the Year. Tomi Adeloye were second with a great 22 goals and a whooping 16 assists. Fabio Saraiva joined us on free from non league Merstham and contributed with 19 assists. Amazing stats for this level. Last years signing Lewis Smith, was the surprise of the season, playing outstanding at age 19. In the FAT I had great hopes as the season went along, but we lost in the 3rd round to Dag & Red, who went on to win the competition. The obvious goals for next season is to get better defenders and hope to keep my strikers, as bigger clubs are already trying to poach them. Season League Position FAT/CHT FA Cup Car. Cup Euro Ch. Lea. 2019/20 VNS 9th 2nd Rnd 1st Rnd 2020/21 VNS 1st 3rd Rnd 4th Rnd
  8. Dorking Wanderers Season 2019/20 Position 9th Table - Graph - Squad - Transfers - Finances - Competition - Injuries - Manager Profile - Season Review Season Summary: A season with a lot of new things to get used to, engine wise. Did start really great with 5 straight wins, followed by roller coaster mode. First place as highest and 13th as lowest. Finishing in 9th position, just a few pts from playoffs was better than expected. Biggest personal surprise, was winning Man of the Year. Hardest part was managing the finances, and had it not been for the black numbers that were already in the club, we would have bled a lot more. Next season should be somewhat easier, as a player like Prior doesn't take up the wages of 4 other players. 2 players took combined 1.3k of the wage budget, which is too much when the total was at 7.7k. Managed to get my hands on 2 good players for this level. Luke Nippard, a former Bournemouth reject, was our best midfielder by far. Alex Gilbert, a former West Brom reject was the biggest surprise. Scored an amazing 34 goals in 33 apps, giving him the league scoring award. Season League Position FAT/CHT FA Cup Car.Cup Euro Ch. Lea. 2019/20 VNS 9th 2nd Rnd 1st Rnd
  9. Only got through pre season so far (too much work). Won't be attempting any parent clubs, but would love to try and see if I could get some danish first team clubs as feeders!
  10. Here goes another years attempt - This time around as Dorking!
  11. @Swindon69 Found the 4-4-2 to use the wingers more than the others, which tends to use midfield more. Also the 4-4-2 made it possible to score more goals, as well as being leakier in the defense. With 1 attacker the goals were just too few, compared to the better teams scoring potential.
  12. Burgess Hill Town Season Update 2026/27 Premier League Final Position 10th Squad - Table - Transfers - Dynamics - Board - Conf. Review - Board Review - Injuries - Profile - Financial Summary - Season Awards - Scouting knowledge - Fincances First season in the PRM proved to be quite a challenge. Overall the main issue was lack of consistency. The tactic i have previously used all through the progress, didn't seem to be as effective in the PRM. Been using 1 attacker, but also struggled to score goals. I was happy with my attackers, but with the acquisition of an amazing prospect Guastavo Gerhard, it was too hard to choose between him and Rhodri Bridgman. Therefore, it seemed natural to change to a 4-4-2 variation and use the previous 4-3-2-1 as defensive and a 4-2-3-1 as counter. We managed to get our hands on a brilliant young spanish keeper. Alberto Ochoa from Barcelona was rotting in their reserves, as obviously he isn't near the standars of Marc-André ter Stegen. Our weakest area on the team right now is the defensive line. Besides having one of the best talents in the league Rasmus Mouritsen and getting Nolan Roux in center and Pierre Abadie as FBR, they either are too inexperienced or weak compared to the opposition. I am sure however, they will improve, and with a few new signings on the way we can build a power defense for the future. The final position of 10 was fair all, everything considered. We could have gone higher, had it been for better defensive performances, as the goal scoring wasn't the issue. Cups: In the FA i had high hopes of getting a good run, but Tottenham knocked us out in 5th round replay. We did get a good result of 0-0 at Tottenham, but lost 2-1 at home in the replay. Carabao where last year we went to the finals to have our arses handed by Man City, proved to be a similar run this year. We had revenge on Arsenal whom we beat luckily 5-4 in the 4th round with 2 goals in the last 2 minutes. Quarter final we beat Bournemouth 2-1, Semi Final we outplayed CH team Derby 2-0 home and 2-1 away. In the final we were to play Not. Forest, whom we just a few matches before had beat heavily and the final was no different. We beat them 4-0 to lift our first major trophy. Both Bournemouth and Not. Fores were relegated from the PRM. Board was in good spirits this season and pretty much agreed to everything requested. We had both faciliites upgraded, as well as Data Center. The youth recruitment and junior coaching were improved, seeing us attaining level 2. Finally the stadium will also get an upgrade which will take a year, and will hold 19.221 upon completion. Our biggest sale so far came from selling Shaun Thurtell to West Ham for a potential 34.5kk. The money from that sale made it possible to purchase previously mentioned players, as well as Hugo Cifuentes from PSV. He is a class players and in my opinion a lot better than Thurtell could ever become. This years youth intake was decent with Bryan Cattell and Will Thompson being the most interesting ones. Had a couple of interesting job offers this year. England and Man City were the top ones. Our u18 also got one of the personal "must have" signings, with Lionel Messi as their new Manger. Now I just have to see, if I can get rid of his release clause in the future. In other news: Neymar is currently playing for Southampton. Would be fun to see I he can be poached for next season. For some unknown reason, I was named Manager of the Year. For next season I hope for a good run in EURO and being able to improve the defense and maintain a somewhat steady consistency. Other players of the season: Miquel IFR - Great prospect from Barcalonas B team. Looks like he could become a great player for us. Jason Beazeley AF - Still impresses me when he is on a good run. He had a few this season. Season League Position FA Cup Carabao Cup EURO Checkatrade FAT 2026/27 PRM League 10th 5th round Winner NA NA NA 2025/26 Ch. Ship 1st 3rd round Final NA NA NA 2024/25 Ch. Ship 6th 6th round Q.Final NA NA NA 2023/24 League One 1st 3rd round 3rd round NA Winner NA 2022/23 League One 12th Semi Final 1st round NA Semi Final NA 2021/22 League Two 1st 3rd round 2nd round NA 3rd round NA 2020/21 Van. Nat. 1st 4th round NA NA NA Final 2019/20 Van. South 1st 3rd round NA NA NA 2nd 2018/19 Van. South 2nd 2nd round NA NA NA Winner
  13. Burgess Hill Town Season Summary 2025/26 Championship Final Position 1st Squad - Table - Transfers - Finances - Dynamics - Board - Conf. Review - Review - Awards - Injuries - Financial Summary - Scouting Knowledge - Profile The second season in Championship didn't hold many suprises for our little club. Board expected promotion, and promotion they got. We were at top close to all season, and with 6 games left, we were crowned champions. Probably the most exciting thing to manage was this years boxing day - with 3 matches in 3 days. Finances took a big hit. Mostly due to increased wages in our 5.5k stadium. But also due to upgrades. Haven't recieved the nearly 6kk from end of season yet, also i have no worries and PRM will be great for making money, due to our rather low wages, and also, our new 12.8k stadium will be completed over the summer. We had our 2 year in progress facilities upgrade, and they turned out to be really expensive. 9.25kk to complete those, and board even had to take out a loan to do it. Board also agreed to upgrade both training and youth facilities at the end of the season, following our promotion. Data analyst was upgraded, as was our youth recruiting network, which is now extensive. The only decent player coming through last seasons youth system, was being picked up by Man Utd, as they decided to pay 4.8kk, which seems too much for Jack Branson. The youth intake from this season, seems a bit more promosing - though there aren't any star potential players. Jack Coleman seems good. Burgess Hill can proudly announce, we are amongst the leading national team produced players! With the amazing number of 4, have we produced mighty u19 and u20 players! Mostly due to our signing of other PRM rejects. In the past few seasons, i have signed too many players and despite trying to offload some, we went on and got a few more in The Cups: The FA was a really short encounter. We drew Arsenal away in 3rd round, and lost 2-1. In the Carabao we went all the way to the final, including getting revenge on Arsenal. In the semi final we drew 3-3 home. At Emirates we went on to win 2-0. In the final we were to play Man City. City weren't impressed that we managed to kick Arsenal from the competion and fielded there normal team of world star players and beat us 5-1. The noteworthy players: One of favorite players Leon Beadie unfortuntely just isn't good enough for Championship level. He does however, think he is himself There were a few players from around the world, i just had to sign - and then hope they will get a work permit in the future. Nikola Jovanovic one one of these. Signed for a bargain price of 1.2kk and loaned him to Eibar, they paid 925K for the duration. Titouan Arnould, another great prospect will be joining next season. Got a long contract on him as well. We did sign an icon and can proudly present Jonjo $helvey as a new player. He wasn't being played at Celtic, whom he joined for free after leaving West Ham. Luke O'Neill free transfer from Gillingham. Only signed him due to his determination stat and to use as tutor. Alan Hayes GK - Had a great season. 45 games and 14 CS. Managed to fend off a protest transfer on him, and got a new amazing contract. Rasmus Mouritsen DC - Our star defendes and new national first team player. Also managed to get him a good for the club contract. Chris Kiernan IF - A Chelsea reject is starting to look really promising. Can see him both play IF and AF Rhodri Bridgeman AF - Our best attacker by far. 24 goals and 5 assists in 24(12) matches. He also won young player of the year. The big clubs are getting really interested in him. He wasn't interested in renewing his contract, but luckily he had an option in it. Season League Position FA Cup Carabao Cup EURO Checkatrade FAT ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2025/26 Ch. Ship 1st 3rd round Final NA NA NA 2024/25 Ch. Ship 6th 6th round Q.Final NA NA NA 2023/24 League One 1st 3rd round 3rd round NA Winner NA 2022/23 League One 12th Semi Final 1st round NA Semi Final NA 2021/22 League Two 1st 3rd round 2nd round NA 3rd round NA 2020/21 Van. Nat. 1st 4th round NA NA NA Final 2019/20 Van. South 1st 3rd round NA NA NA 2nd 2018/19 Van. South 2nd 2nd round NA NA NA Winner
  14. Slightly different event for him in my game.
  15. Burgess Hill Town Season Update 2024/25 Championship FInal Position 6th Squad - Table - Transfers - Injuries - Finances - Profile - Dynamics - Board - Conf. Review - Season Review - Financial A season comes to an end which was a funny season indeed. We struggled hugely in the first third of the season, being midtable at best. Second third we manged to get to 4th, a position we pretty much held until 5 games remained. At this point, we were really close to get that 2nd position with automatic promotion to the promised land. Last 5 games were 1 win, 1 draw and 3 losses seeing us finish in 6th place. In general stayed with same tactics, but tried to tweak them around. Playoffs: We played Cardiff at home in the first leg and were comfortably ahead 3-0, until 78 min and again in 93rd minute ending the game 3-2. Away and in somewhat good spirit we lost 4-3 but managed to progress on penalties. In the final we were to play Crystal Palace. Despite complete domination game ended 2-2 and we lost 4-2 in overtime, making us miss out on all the sweet millions the magic Premier League would have given us. Cups: We did well in the Carabao, all the way to quarter finals, where Man United beat us at home 1-0 and went on to win the cup. FA was a seemingly same outcome. In the 6th round we played Arsenal at home and lost 2-1, then Arsenal went on to win the competition. Despite having board agree to upgrade facilities, this minor improvement seems to take 18 months. We will be looking forward to better facilities and the new stadium coming at the end of next season as well. We did get a couple of other upgrades happen. Data Analyst were upgraded twice, junior coaching and youth recruitment are to be upgraded. This years youth intake was decent, with Jack Branson being the top pick, and will look forward to hopefully seeing an improvement there next year. Scouting range where improved to continent, the few players i did try to get in, couldn't get permit however. Scouting knowledge is looking good. Burnley decided to pay way too much for Sean Quigley with a record sale of 5.25kk. He enjoyed 9 appearances for the this season. FM has blessed us with a new (atleast for me) feature yet again - with informing on players that they apparently also can get injured by being at home! Noteworthy players of the season: Alan Hayes GK - Bought for 6k from Cliftonville (and was recommended last season by a player) seems to become an interesting player for us. Rasmus Mouritsen DC - Our finest product of all seasons youth intake is really starting to become the beast i had hoped for. Passing and tackling % of 82 in 34 appearances, and a great av. rating of 7.22 for a DC. Also got a great contract renewal. Ian Manning DM - One of my favourite players, but think he is getting close to loosing his first choice option. Could use an improvement in midfield in general. Riyad Mahrez IF - Performed well, but had hoped on greater impact. Looks good for another season. Ricky Romain IF - Was sold in season 21/22 by board for 325K to Brentford. Released 2 years later without an appearance and naturally had to get him back in to see, if we can make a player of him. Jason Beazeley IF/SC - was our overall best attacker and performed as expected. Next seasons main aim besides the league, will be to try and thin the squad some and find midfield first team players. Season League Position FA Cup Carabao Cup EURO Checkatrade FAT ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2024/25 Ch. Ship 6th 6th round Q.Final NA NA NA 2023/24 League One 1st 3rd round 3rd round NA Winner NA 2022/23 League One 12th Semi Final 1st round NA Semi Final NA 2021/22 League Two 1st 3rd round 2nd round NA 3rd round NA 2020/21 Van. Nat. 1st 4th round NA NA NA Final 2019/20 Van. South 1st 3rd round NA NA NA 2nd 2018/19 Van. South 2nd 2nd round NA NA NA Winner
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