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  1. A solid win. I can't imagine Reading staying in the hunt for CL though, I have a feeling that they'll drop some points at the end. But lets hope not! Keep up the great work.
  2. Damn, I was hoping that I was reading a complete story but once I go to page 6 I knew it wasn't happening, now I have to wait. But I can live, keep up the good work, it has been a joy to read.
  3. I posted a couple of pages back about how I had no success with V6. I found my 2 biggest problems was not buying into the tactic and patience. Buy players with the necessary traits, this is by far the most important thing. Depending on the quality of play the attributes you're looking for will range from 10 to 20. In the higher leagues I go for 15-20 but I'm flexible. If say my winger I'm looking at has 18 acceleration and 13 balance, I'm still interested. In fact I tend to prefer that instead of someone with 15 all around. I find some attributes are more important than others and I'm sure that varies depending on the taste of the manager. Once you get your team which doesn't have to be the best (far from it actually) you need to settle down let them gel. I had a core team for awhile, swapping out players who are tired every game but keeping a strong core. This I found consistent domination with where as my first team I built around depth was still successful, it wasn't as consistent. After using my own tactic to take Hyde United to the Championship from BSN, I stagnated for a couple years until I ran into this tactic (V6) and got it down pat, winning the League Cup and taking the Championship. My next year in the EPL I finished 9th won the LC again. Now that the EPL have filled my coffers I have splashed some cash (5 million pounds for a player) and have a solid team that will only get better with I hope a chance to teach the players the preferred move. The tactic doesn't look pretty but it isn't ugly. While my right DC knock them in on corners occasionally, my strikers are still the leading scorers - but by all means they are not banging them in left and right.
  4. I'm hopeless with this tactic. I have taken my Hyde United team from BSN to the Championship (using a my own tactic) but I have spent the last 5-6 years in mid table mediocrity. The last 3 years I have used this tactic with almost identical results of inconsistent play that eventually leads to 10th place. First I tried Piranha and found some success but always lacked the ability to score. Had on two occasions strikers that go on 20+ hours without a goal. This year I went to Eagle and even with the modification the first 15 games I won only 2 and still weren't able to score. Even with the DM modification. I'm now back to V6 giving it one more shot, considering this season another wash. I'm now on a 4 game losing streak to otherwise mediocre teams. Every once in awhile I will look promising scoring 4+ goals but it is never consistent. I have built a team around this tactic using the OP as best I can so I don't think it is that. Anyone else having difficulties?
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