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  1. Hi, How many leagues and players can I run on this laptop? Processor - Intel i7-2820QM 2.3GHz with turbo boost 2.0 8M cache Ram - 8GM DDR3 1333MHz Hard Drive - 500 GB 7200RPM Graphics - NVIDIA GeForce GT 500M 1GB Windows 7 64 Bit Thanks
  2. FM11 U.S.A. Pre-Order

    I know that amazon.com was doing pre-orders for FM10 last year so I imagine they would probably do pre-orders for FM11. I haven't checked myself, but if it's not listed on there yet it may be because no official release date has been announced. I imagine Steam will have it, again it may not be listed yet because there is no official release date.
  3. Just hold down Ctrl when clicking. This acts as a right click on Mac.
  4. Boxed copy in Canada?

    In all the years I've been buying the game I've never seen it available here on release. Best bet is to order from Europe and just wait out the shipping.
  5. Saw a boxed copy of an older version in Ebgames once. Doubt you'll find one any where here on release date. I usually pre-order one from England. Usually get it about a week after release. I agree with adawxawx, if you want it right away the digital download is the way to go.
  6. Boxed copy in Canada?

    I always buy mine from http://www.gameplay.co.uk/. Downside is it ships from England so it takes about a week to arrive.