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  1. How do we change the logo displayed in the match engine? Mine is default to Canal+ at the moment, I can see that there are others to choose from in skins\nuu\graphics\icons\logos *edit* Ahh! Don't worry, I've sorted it. FYI, you have to edit "match full window" in the Panels folder, there is a single line which had the Canal+ entry which can be replaced with whatever logo you want
  2. I too have recently used pcspecialist - highly recommended!
  3. Will get that corrected, apologies.
  4. Version 3.0 released - see OP for download links - 32 new players added (a total of 95 players in Datapack 3.0) - Minor fixes through-out - Slight adjustment to PA's to ensure the distribution of new players in the game is evenly spread. This allows for much greater game in the long-term. For example: Some of you will be world-class - which means you have a very high chance of signing for a top club Some of you will become International stars - which means there's a probable chance of signing for a top-tier club at some point in your career Some of you will become lower-league s
  5. If you submit your entry tonight / tomorrow morning at the latest, I could squeeze you in before tomorrows release which should be available at noon
  6. Thyanks, that makes 95 players in total for the release for tomorrow
  7. Of course he can. Testing has gone well, I'm into the year 2021 with no issues and almost every individual has gone on to have a career in football. I've ran a new game each time and can definitely confirm that each save is completely unique - player progression and where each of you end up is so varied which is exactly what I wanted to achieve. I envisage the new release will be available tomorrow, ready for the weekend
  8. Version 3.0 Preview 94 of you will see you're face in the game - some of you will become world-class, others a local hero in the lower leagues. Either way, every single one of you will have a unique story to tell with every new game you play. Want to find out your journey? Do you live your dream? Sign up, play and find out! Version 3.0 available soon!!
  9. Currently, we have 31 new players being added as it stands, bringing the total number of players in the database to 94 thus far. It would be brilliant to get this to 100 players for the next release!
  10. Thank you It's nice to see there's still an ongoing interest Please submit any new entries by Wednesday 6th June 1:30pm if you want to be included in the new release, so that I have a few days to include everyone
  11. Links to the current version (2.1) have been updated but 3.0 will be out in the coming days
  12. I've been working on a new version and this will be released in the coming days - including all the new sign-ups and a few tweaks. I've not had as much time lately due to a new addition in the family but as and when I've had a moment I've been creating the new 3.0 version of the database. Apologies for the lack of updates until now. Just a reminder that nobody else has permission to take what I've done and amend or add to it, I'm afraid. This was my creation, my idea and my thread If you want to be included in the new version you have a few days to get your entry posted!!
  13. NSFW... thought it was quite funny myself. You may have already seen it in your own games, though? I suppose you ought to be good at adapting and judging ability with that kind of name?
  14. Super Cup in 2019, Valencia vs Man Utd finishes 1-1 after ET. Evenly matched in the penalties so far, but Valencia need to score in their last kick to mount the pressure. Up steps.... Blind... who misses the target
  15. Hi everyone, Apologies for any delay, I've not been about much recently due to the introduction of my new baby daughter! Rest assured, I'll be catching up on what I've missed and if there's any interest to keep this going I'll be happy to release another pack or two
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