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  1. Just finished my first season. After a dodgy start adjusting to my formation, which I was able to tweak and perfect during the beta, we had a brilliant season. Champions & now the domestic cup-holders for both competitions! Robin van Persie & Falcao completely ripped apart the opposition, forming a formidble partnership that notched 53 goals. Rooney started less than 15 league games because of the form of the other two, but still scored a respectable 22 goals in all competitions. Gabriel Barbosa & Lucas Boyé, my other two strikers, got themselves into double-figures in all competitions as well. Both of them were fantastic impact subs and will be given more & more chances as the other three age and fall down the pecking order. Di Maria in the roaming playmaker role was excellent, as were Shaw & Rafael in the wing-back positions. Those three alone created 40 assists! Admittedly, I struggled a little in the second-half of the season with injuries and a build-up of fixtures with a relatively small squad. I recorded three out of my four losses in that time, as I needed to rotate and field a weaker team to keep my most important players fit. I'll definitely need to improve the squad depth with Champions League football next season. 2014/15 League & Stats 2014/15 Fixtures & results Formations 5-3-2 My formation allows for free-flowing attacking football and as you'll see from some of the results above there are plenty of high scoring games, notably an 8-1 win Vs. Arsenal. I am prone to leaking the odd goal here and there simply because of the way I like to play, but we still managed to finish the season having conceded the fewest goals. 4-2-2-2 (defensive) I use a far more defensive tactic which I created to primarily hold on to the current result. It's not pretty, but it grinds down the clock and does the job!
  2. I personally start afresh with the full release. In fact, I usually wait a few days AFTER release in case there's a patch which fixes a number of release day bugs. In particular, I'm hoping that the P/E bug will be fixed as that has quite an impact currently. I have a holiday save which goes beyond 2025 and the number of P/E evident is ridiculous. I wouldn't want to continue this save based on that alone, but it's all down to personal choice
  3. Thanks for the response! I've done quite a lot of editing before but like you I wasn't 100% sure if this type of change would have an effect on achievements. Has anyone else tried anything similar?
  4. Morning all, As a new challenge, I would like to play with a local team that currently participate in tier 11 of the English football pyramid. As a starting point, I'd quite like to move them into the Skrill South league. I figured the best way to do this would be to swap them with a team in this division. My question is, if I were to do this would this effect my chances of getting the English Hero achievement?
  5. Nearly finished my first season, won the league with five games to spare and won the Capital One Cup. Tactic seems to be working very well but had a few blips. For one, Aston Villa appear to be my bogey team in the league with two draws. I was also unlucky to lose against City in the league - Shaw was sent off in the 8th minute, conceded a goal in the 1st half but managed to score the equaliser in the 90th minute, only for them to go up the other end and score immediately after. A slight tactical mistake on my part. I also lost to Leverkusen in the Champs League group but the group had been done and dusted by then so I fielded a weaker team. The last slight disappointment came in March where I drew three games in a row. Van Persie was going through a goal drought as was Rooney, so I put both of them in the U21 squad for a few games to get their confidence back. Welbeck did his best in their absence but it wasn't quite enough to win those games. Got to play City in the Champs league Qtr Finals - won the first leg (a) 2-1 so fingers crossed I'll finish the job at O.T Immediately after that game, we play Liverpool in the FA Cup. Stretching my squad a tad with these tough games, think I'll try and get a few more players in the summer.
  6. I play 4-2-3-1, no problems for me. The issue might be with the roles you are using within that formation?
  7. A rather excessive amount of red cards every week when you look at the fixtures played. I take it others are seeing this as well?
  8. First season Transfers out Transfers in As I detailed already in this thread whilst playing the beta, I have a specific way of setting up all my teams. I love having a youthful side, seeing the team reach their potential and turn into world-class players brings a different sense of achievement each season. I find if I don't do this, I get bored quite easily. With that, I sold a rather long list of players as you can see! I used the beta to really negotiate and to see how far teams would go for my players. On summary, I think I've done well considering the amount of money I made, though some of the deals could have been better (Carrick & Vidic for instance). I've then used the money made + my budget to either strengthen certain areas and/or to bring in a more youthful option to an otherwise aging area of the pitch. Overall, I'm now very happy with the squad. Note: Two players that I have brought in are from a database that I created, Be A Pro, if you try and find them and can't that would be the reason why! Berardi is also co-owned hence two entries. Tactics Again, I used the beta to figure out what tactic to use. I went for an attacking 4-2-3-1 set up, using a shadow striker in the center. The balance seems to be working well and the movement is excellent. Playing Fellaini on the left hand-side complements El Shaarawy in that he can venture (roam) knowing Fellaini is behind to cover that area of the pitch if possession is lost. I also have De Gea as a Sweeper goalie, with instructions to throw quickly & a ball-playing defender to help with distribution in a controlled manner, not just lump it up the field. There are other individual instructions as well, such as full-backs running wide and for my shadow striker to shoot more often. Results Conceded from a corner a few times, notably against Newcastle which annoyed me, other than that my tactic would appear to be working well thus far. The real test will be when I play the bigger teams
  9. If we can get a few more sign-ups, I'll release a second update in the coming week or so We have five new players to add, so we're not too far away from reaching a total of 50 players!
  10. Depending on the amount of new entries, I may do another update in the coming week, so keep 'me coming and force my hand!!
  11. P.S. Not everyone is 15 years old - I just picked three random screenshots who happen to be set-up as 15yo's I might even create a shortlist for those who would like to keep tabs on progress on all our sign-ups here. This will be available later / tomorrow morning.
  12. FM14 Be A Pro! Version 1 - AVAILABLE NOW! Please do not re-distribute without my permission Enjoy! Download: http://ul.to/38c92y6f
  13. Thanks for your interest and submissions. 37 players will be available for download in the next 24 hours. Keep an eye on this thread as I will update as soon as the download is available. Alias Player Name POS dirtboy Michael Seselja GK Superman_uk123 Adam Bateman GK nosfer Mikel Garcia GK feche Federico "Feche" De Zan GK k9killer Kiran Desai DL HHUK Lucas Fenix DL Jack Rudd Andrew Jackson DL podunkboy Kent Daniels DL / WBL CMdan44 Dan Lovegrove DC parkour94 Mark Guimaraes DR / MR Darren Reddin Darren Reddin DR / DC Lawlore Law Martin DM Kableee Jack Layton DM MRCHDG Peter Hammer DM / MC Rekobeto Kenneth Rekdal DM Janpoll Juan "Janpoll" Sarria DM adamjdyer Adam Dyer ML / CM frogsplash Peter "Frogsplash" Hayward ML / AML vrisk85 Endika Garai MC Chucklechuck Anurak Ker MC / AMC estewu Piotr Balicki MC TheRubberMallet John Simpson MC AaronRedDevil Aaron Brodo MC BoundedCascade Josh Demarest MC SupraFlush Jesper Sjoberg AMR Fox Anthony Withey AML ThaDon Chris Hendry AMC jasonc2397 Jason Campbell AMC Craig_R.U.F.C Craig Lewis ST Wenger6 Lucas Leonardo ST sevestra James-Robert Knight ST TheStat Admir Jazvin ST Pato_Liam Liam Taylor ST D.Diggler Michael McGowan ST nathenmcvittie Nathen McVittie ST Mr5Nascar Jeremy Boyd ST CyrumuAmBythWXM Adam Squire ST
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