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  1. dafuge's FM15 challenge

    Despite playing this game in every installment from CM 01/02, I have never tried this challenge! Just holidaying through now to have a go, hoping for Ilkeston as they're my most local team!
  2. [IDEA] Job Interviews

    I agree that it would be probably be sub-par to begin with, but it could definitely be developed. Bardock- Say you started in BSS and left without blazing success, apply for a BSN team, you'd be laughed out! Whereas here you could talk yourself into a job and it could help you determine Transfer Budgets etc. Meaning you would have a better idea of whether it was the right job. Too many times have I accepted a job only to find the finances where much worse than expected and the sad realisation that I should probably resign straight away.
  3. I think this would be a fantastic addition and not necessarily limit it to interviews. If you had the chance to be interviewed then you could talk yourself into jobs that you normally wouldn't have a chance of getting and talk yourself out of jobs you would normally be a shoe-in for, as you state your intentions and where you would like to take the club. Also, the player interaction needs to be more in depth, so that if a player is unhappy with something, or your trying to bring a player to the club, but he isn't sure you can talk to him and either persuade him to come or assuage his pre-existing concerns. What does everyone think?
  4. I read a story on these forums, in which one blooke was so addicted he was playing on the way to work (he was driving) and had an accident that paralysed him. And OBENG, he said nothing about money, just that your clearly not Curtis Obeng (See the C? Not K!) and you have a different D.O.B from him, not to mention Obeng's been released from City now
  5. Is it just me

    I agree with you and was also disappointed with the state of the game. I was also disappointed with threads being deleted as it gave the sense of it's bad points being 'swept under the rug' rather than SI actually listening to it's customers. I would much rather ait that bit longer and get a playable, enjoyable game than SI bow to those pressuring them and releasing a sub-standard game. Hopefully, this will be one thread that doesn't get deleted.
  6. Emre on military service?

    Neither is blowing people up. Extremist Muslims are the notable group for Fundamentalist Terrorism (and no, that doesn't mean ALL Muslims). He is having a joke and is not being racist, so lighten up, before Political Correctness ruins the forum as well as the country
  7. Disaster!

    The demo experience has completely put me off the game! I can't even install it and I think SI have sold out, they have chased the money rather than staying true to their loyal fanbase and it is completely disgusting.
  8. A nice addition for FM09 IMO

    Maybe '10 then lol
  9. 'Play in background'

    It means that the leagues run but you can't manage in them, so you get full results and full competitions etc.
  10. I think it would be great if you could tell your club, WHY you are resigning when doing so, whether it be refusal to part with money or selling your players and then the club could stop you if they cared enough. Also, job interviews would be great just to be able to confirm your place in the job and depending on answerws given, that could determine wage budgets etc.
  11. What is wrong with FM 2008?

    Yeah, the patch doesn't affect a save game, start a new game and it will be fine.
  12. How will you use the demo

    I'll use it wisely and with caution
  13. Bugs in 2009???

    Every version has it's bugs. Hence the patches