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  1. There was a young man called Peter, Who desperately wanted the Beta, It didn't come out, so rather than pout, He went to get chicken in pitta.
  2. Raced to 2GB, now downloading ridiculously slow as the steam servers take an absolute pounding :-( Damn I was so close!
  3. I could be wrong, but I think that refers to Brexit not happening in the first instance. I am talking about it going through in game and then we rejoin the EU say 5 or so years later. That's what I'm getting at here. Imagine the relief struggling for years only allowed 7 or 8 non UK players. Then all of a sudden the UK rejoins the EU! Would be a nice touch IMO.
  4. Really?? Where did you hear/see that? If so that improves my opinion on this 'feature' slightly.
  5. If this REALLY has to be in the game (and I don't think it should be before we know the full implications on work permits and the like), I think to balance it out, there should be another random generator say another 5-10 years down the line where the UK may or may not decide to rejoin the EU! If we're going down that road why not have the potential for the situation to change too?
  6. I have to admit that while it doesn't bother me, I do find it very strange. The line from SI has always been 'when the rules change in real life, it will be in the game'. The rules have not changed regarding work permits for EU players in the UK and won't do for quite some time, if at all. For this to be randomly implemented into the game (despite no-one even knowing if it will happen in real life), represents a massive sea change in the previous policy of only implementing rule changes once they've been confirmed in real life. I don't think this should have been touched until the impact of Brexit on football is known in real life. I can see why a lot of people will hate this.
  7. I'm going to go for Burton Albion. Decent challenge seeing how quickly I can get promoted with such a tiny stadium and probably the weakest squad in the Championship!
  8. Assuming you are managing in a country that has the top 4 qualifying for the Champions League, then if the Champions League was won by a team that finished outside of the top 4, then they would have taken the extra spot, and the Europa League winners miss out. That's how it's going to work in real life, as a country is restricted to a maximum of 5 teams in the Champions League in 1 season under the new rules. It's an unlikely scenario that both the Champions League and Europa League winners come from the same country and both finished outside the top 4, but it could happen. Might be worth checking that.
  9. I think we all know it's going to be tomorrow, or Friday at a push, but more likely tomorrow! I'm going for late afternoon/early evening tomorrow, when I'll be at work, such is my luck! When I say tomorrow I mean Thursday by the way...even though it technically is Thursday already.
  10. That's what you call going hard. Respect to you, I bow down to your new FM release dedication! Let's hope you're still alive come Monday morning.
  11. I wish I had this weekend off! I'd be literally hibernating playing FM with my phone on silent. Ahhhh I miss those days when I didn't have to work weekends.
  12. Good to see some fellow release day/week fiends! I'm finishing work at 1am every night till Tuesday, so I'll probably end up staying up till about 6am every night playing FM after work, assuming it's out in the next few days of course ;-)
  13. In general I don't get that much time to play Football Manager these days, due to life getting in the way. I maybe manage on average throughout the year, 1 or 2 sessions a week of 3-4 hours (which is not that bad considering I'm a fully grown 28 year old man with a time consuming job and a missus!). However, on the first week of a new release, I absolutely hammer it. It's like a yearly ritual to me. Regardless of whether I'm working the week it comes out, for the first week or two I'll hit about 5 hours of it a day. It's so exciting, with all the updated player attributes, new young prospects to find etc. After that I kind of calm down a bit, and go back to playing it for my usual sessions once or twice a week. But yea, the first week or 2 I can easily get through about 5 or 6 seasons. How hard do you go?
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