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  1. S.I Hiring - Will you apply?

    Live in Australia. Would that be a problem? Because i'd love to
  2. FMHi 2011 Missing Players Thread

    Verratti isn't in the game at all, or from what i've tried, Marc. One of the most promising midfielders in the game!
  3. FMHi..Son?

    You have to've signed the player*
  4. Mainly it's the SMOOTHNESS. The actual game runs pretty well on the 2G.
  5. 2100 and beyond with the top 5 leagues

    Would you be able to post some A-League stuff mate? Brilliant post/
  6. Yeah I just installed the latest update, haven't tried it yet. I'll let you know if it's a little better Marc. I understand that it's an old device. I was just wondering if there was an easy fix to speed it up a bit Thanks for the reply mate
  7. Like, when you sweep the stats, it's so much more jumpy
  8. My mate's got the new iPod Touch, the 4G, and it's INCREDIBLY smooth when changing between screens, AND in the match engine. On mine however, it's incredibly jumpy and almost unwatchable. Is there something I can do to speed it up? I've turned the iPod off and on in a hard boot, is there anything else I can do Marc?
  9. International Management

    Nationality has a big part in it, but you should've gotten the job by now. Maybe it's a slight bug?
  10. A Stadium Builder

    Have you guys played Trophy Manager? It's got a good function where it's basically a pixelled stadium, and you can expand the stands and stuff, and it takes time, and you watch the transformation. So, if you've got the money, you can change it from like a 18,000 seater, you can change the north west stand for instance, and that extends the population of the ground, but it lessens it while it's building? Does that make sense?
  11. I've heard that the stats problem - like on the players stats page, down the bottom, there's mistakes. Apparently if you go through 2 or so seasons, it fixes itself? Yes or no?
  12. In regards to Marquee Players and sorts, is each club's marquee players the players with the highest contracts? Because if we were to sign an overseas player, which is still under the 5 max, but it takes over the marquee spot, what happens? It's a little confusing.
  13. FMH11 Live Stream - PSP

    Melbourne, Australia time again please champ?
  14. There's a chance you didn't manually save the 2012 game - rather, it was the 2011 one, and when you loaded up the 2011 one acceidently, it overwrote the autosave in 2012? The best way to transfer people - Transfer List - Offer to Clubs for less - Demote. Not as of yet in the iPhone version. Alert Marc
  15. FMH11 Live Stream - PSP

    I should be up at 2-3 so i'll be tuning in for the first hour i reckon :)