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  1. Because they are Scotland's oldest team. When it was built they were a much bigger team, but because of there strict amateur policy they obviously can't compete at the top level anymore. It's also our national Stadium so the SFA pay to maintain it i imagine which allows them to keep playing in it.
  2. If you've downloaded SFrasers training, it is for FM 2010 not 2011. There are others a page or two back that have tried to copy his training method as best they can into 2011.
  3. I don't know about Eotinb's schedules, but when i used SFraser's in the last game i always put them them on developing. Part of his theory was that during that age, his physical attributes (which are extremely important) increased more than when he gets older. So even if he was playing first team football i still wanted to capitalise on the more fitness biased developing schedules. If you find he's not getting up to 95-ish condition by game time, rest him for a day or two during the week.
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