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  1. It sounds unfair but if you think about it, the 7th positioned team's last 5 games are against weaker opponents whereas the team who finishes 6th is playing against the championship contenders and teams fighting for european places.
  2. You've got the basics of the shouts right there. Pass through defence, pass into space, early cross get ball forward for creating chances. However if it's possession you want then try Drop Deeper, pass to feet and retain possession and play out of defence. Sometimes changing your passing to direct can help as i read on Pushthemwide.co.uk that shouts only change things up to 25%
  3. Cheers i'll keep those attributes in mind, yeh i agree it is a bonus and i do look for my coaches to take on the training workload. But there was a few particularly poor coaches at Derby i got rid of, but the board insisted that 4 coaches was enough for the club so i had to look for my assistant manager to take on some of the burden.
  4. Issue solve (kinda) shuffled a few things around so it was tactical coaching rather than attacking, which suits an assistant manager more. After a little digging online i found the behemoth of a assistant from Brazil: Paulo César Batista dos Santos.
  5. I can't place an advert atm because for some reason (may be a bug) Gary Crosby who is the assistant at the start of the game won't leave the club lol. He's agreed a mutual termination of £70,000 but he's still there no matter who many times i press continue, which means that the assistant manager on the jobs centre is greyed out. I thought it was just the game keeping him there till i got a new assistant but maybe it's a bug.
  6. Yeh i tried that, David Lowe popped up but i could only offer £1700 and he wanted above £2300 minimum. I don't wanna skimp out on a poor assistant as well which are the only ones that pop up. So i tried looking around the net for folk that maybe wouldn't fall into my scouting knowledge for the club but everyone basically says no. Basically i'm looking for a guy with high motivating and attacking coaching which i thought was a fairly minimal filter for an assistant but no luck so far.
  7. Hi there, as the title suggests i was wondering if anyone could point to some things where you can judge if certain folk would be open to working for your club. I'm currently Derby County and i'm tearing my hair out at the moment because 95% of the people i approach are not interested in contract negotiations. I'm looking for and assistant manager at the moment and i'm literally being rejected by everyone. There's a coach at League 1 side Brentford called Peter Farrell who will not even entertain the idea of becoming assistant manager at a club in a higher division but also at a position higher than what he is currently at in Brentford. I'm trying to understand the mechanics of the game to see why this is happening, like if he's in the first year of his contract or if Brentford is his favourite club but none of these come into play here. Any help would be appreciated
  8. Because they are Scotland's oldest team. When it was built they were a much bigger team, but because of there strict amateur policy they obviously can't compete at the top level anymore. It's also our national Stadium so the SFA pay to maintain it i imagine which allows them to keep playing in it.
  9. EA has the exclusive rights to NFL, but out of all the worlds big sports it does seem to be the most tactical. But until the license issues have been sorted its EA and EA alone that would have to make the game.
  10. That does happen with the regens when your a few years into the game. I think Miles Jacobsen was talking about it on one of the podcasts, and it was decided it might cause legal problems if you had real players doing things they maybe shouldn't be doing as it could damage their reputation.
  11. I have a small idea and thought i'd post it in here. In FM 2011 you have a relationship with the media that can decide how nice or harsh they can be when publishing reports about you (which in turn affects certain members of your squads morale for the upcoming game). In real life you get managers on shows like Match of The Day etc, and they offer their opinions and analysis. They are often the kind of managers you would associate with having a decent relationship with the media. I think it would be cool if at certain points in the season (international breaks, world cups/champions league, and any games of importance that your team is not involved in) you got an invitation from the different media outfits in the game to offer your expertise on the games at hand. Likely this would be similar to the press conference part of the game. It would give you the opportunity to improve your relationship with the media, and offer a slight increase in your reputation as you are given more exposure, which could help bring higher reputation players to your club. Not a huge game-changing feature i know, but i thought i'd post it on here none the less
  12. If you've downloaded SFrasers training, it is for FM 2010 not 2011. There are others a page or two back that have tried to copy his training method as best they can into 2011.
  13. I don't know about Eotinb's schedules, but when i used SFraser's in the last game i always put them them on developing. Part of his theory was that during that age, his physical attributes (which are extremely important) increased more than when he gets older. So even if he was playing first team football i still wanted to capitalise on the more fitness biased developing schedules. If you find he's not getting up to 95-ish condition by game time, rest him for a day or two during the week.
  14. I don't think so, there are a few more sliders in the new game that weren't in fm 2010
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