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  1. Ukranian First League question

    I checked this on Soccerway by looking at a random match from the league recently (http://uk.soccerway.com/matches/2013/04/21/ukraine/persha-liga/pfc-sevastopol/fk-sumy/1291537/) And according to the link, each team used four subs. So it appears correct.
  2. This would be a good addition. Take Real Madrid for example, Schuster never signed anyone he just coached whoever the Sporting Director Mijatovic signed. Ramos gets a say now as the Lass Diarra signing shows cause Mijatovic rates Ramos as a coach (he never liked Schuster). Capello also had a say when he was there cause Mijatovic rated him. It was also Mijatovic who decided to fire Schuster, not president Calderon. So I think it would be more realistic if SDs were much more involved (in some countries at least). I have never seen Mijatovic mentioned once when managing Real yet he is an important figure of the management at that club and gives his views on the team performance to the press after every game.
  3. Sleeping giants...

    Wouldn't call them them giants but Schalke are a big club in Germany yet haven't won the league since 1958. Possibly something to have a go at changing and getting ahead of the dominant Bayern Munich, the fans would love any coach who led them to the title right now
  4. same for me at Bayern only with different player! Ottl asked as well but I persuaded him to stay in the end. during my second season at Bayern having won the treble the previous season, my first choice right back Christian Lell decided he had to leave to further his career. It was November and since he had been a reliable player for me and I had good cover, I granted him this and mutually cancelled his contract. He then goes and signs for 11th place Werder Bremen :/
  5. I'm into my third season and since the game began Sir Alex Ferguson has only signed Fulop (Sunderland) and Haas (Hoffenheim). Two goalkeepers. Makes no sense as he still has VDS, Tomasz and Foster.
  6. Got bored of them during my 2nd season at Bayern. I let my assistant Martin Vasquez handle them for most of that season and when I moved to Inter in season 3 (they wanted me to replace Harry Redknapp who managed to turn the previous seasons champions into a midtable side ) I brought Vasquez along with me as he has never said anything stupid or upset a player with his comments.
  7. 32700 trick continued?

    Just new position. I tested it out with Rangers left back Papac who is a decent player (3 star), but when I made him 29 at left back he had like 8/9 stars and suddenly Real Madrid, Arsenal and Liverpool wanted to sign him
  8. 32700 trick continued?

    I tried out the 29 for position trick and nearly every shot on target so far in my testing goes in, the ball moves so fast the keeper has no time to react at all.
  9. I was losing 1-0 at half time to Lazio earlier on today with Inter, read this topic, changed to text commentary and ended up winning 3-1. It was also the first time that season my side had scored more than 2 a game
  10. FMEditor English Version For 9.10

    Great work, very useful. And its easy to heal all your side and make them all have superb morale. Just search a player from your team, click 'team mate', select/highlight all the names and hit 'heal'
  11. This is a briliant tactic for my Juve side. 17 wins 2 draws from first 19 games! 65 scored, 10 conceded. I wish the lone striker could score more though as Amauri (6) and Trez (5) isn't very high while Barzagli my CB has 12 goals, I use 2.1 with v1 layout. AMCs and MCs scores loads though to make up for it. Great tactic though Kimz.