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  1. To add to what others have said...lower your tempo. Give Salah a chance to work his magic off the ball. Your tempo is set very high and it doesn't give him a chance to find space, IMO.
  2. It is essential to have "types" of players to link up play. If I have two IF, one on support and one on attack, they'll operate on the same strata offensively. However, the IF on support will track back deeper when defending, while the attacking IF will stay further forward. The IF(s) (and other support players) will bring the ball out of the defense and link with the more attacking players. PI's, as you point out, will accentuate that function.
  3. I've been a fan of Khaloua over the last couple of versions. He doesn't seem to improve much so what you see is what you get but he is a very handy player...and the price is right.
  4. I agree. The 19.1 ME was very predictable. My wide guy would always dally while two defenders closed him down before crossing. One on ones were always hit into the belly of the keeper. Through ball opportunities were always ignored. Now, I watch and it's like, whoa, "I didn't see that coming". The 19.2 ME has a better variety of outcomes from similar situations. Not sure if that makes sense but a big thumbs up!
  5. I'm pretty screwed up as I fall in and out of love with formations. I wanted to play with a HB so I did a 4-3-3 wide. I got to FEB in my first season. I found a kid in JAN that would make a great TQ so I started a new season with my team so I could sign the TQ. I do that kind of thing a lot. I think in 2012 I played 6 seasons. Since then I usually only play one, get bored with the formation and players and start something and different.
  6. I'm 57 and live in the US. Been playing since 2008. I think my version was called World Wide Manager then.
  7. Too many support roles for a "positive" set up, IMO. I'd set up your CF to attack and one of your WB paired up with an IF on attack. Three playmakers in the midfield is an issue too. I play the same formation and score plenty with Newcastle with only one change change to personnel. I need to work on the defensive tweaks.
  8. I've stuck guys in reserves and after the window closes offered them mutual termination and sometimes they'll take it for zero compensation.
  9. Great post and this is just what I've been working towards. I like my team to play a "lethal touch" style of football. Great read and you've given me plenty to think about.
  10. I'm determined to make a 433 with a half back. I'm going: Muto PF a Kenedy IF a Ritchie IF s Hayden BBM s Shelvey DLP s Soucek HB d Dummet FB s Lascelles CD d Fernandez CD d Yedlin FB a Dubravka SK d I'll be following this thread to see how you do.
  11. bumming about no stadium editor. Would have loved St James Park with "ASHLEY OUT!" signs plastered all over the park...
  12. Sometimes there are other factors that have an effect on a tactic. I often see my team make blatantly bad passes when they are not gelled and/or are not playing confidently, which can come down to a few good team talks.
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