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  1. I think it depends on how you want to play. I have had success with a counter attacking style and the front three on attack. You can see nice 3 on 2 breaks. For a more possession type style having the striker on support would be better.
  2. Awesome stuff, Rashidi. Eventually I get into a tactical rut and all my tactics start looking vaguely familiar and then I read one of your posts and my eyes get opened up again. I love to compress the midfield, win the ball back in my own half and play with a lethal touch. I've also been toying with the idea of playing with two CM in the midfield so I can set each up to how I want them to play together and this has given me a lot of food for thought.
  3. A lot of deadwood. I clean house and start rebuilding the whole squad. I've started with a 3-4-3 first season but will shift to a 4-2-3-1for second season Wilson and St Maximin will score like crazy. The midfield needs some athleticism. So does the central defense. Need a good RWB or FB. I like to keep Woodman for 2nd season behind Dubravka.
  4. I do 7 or 8. My expected starting XI plays the first half and my second XI plays the second half.
  5. Anel Ahmedhodzic: he just keeps getting better and better. Really good BPD with good mentals and will take off with the ball from deep.
  6. I will definitely be buying. I have fun playing so why not?
  7. Has anyone seen a DB where Newcastle, Sunderland and Middlesbrough are in the SPL?
  8. If you want to win back the ball quickly in the midfield why not compact that area of the field?
  9. To the OP, it is definitely related to increased rep and the AI sitting deeper and getting more players behind the ball. I've gotten back to back promotions with Crewe and the games after the Jan window closes are just about grinding it out. Sometimes even as a huge favorite I've played deeper and more compact myself in order to draw my opponent out of their bus, so to speak, and hit them on the counter. I've got a base tactic that I adjust for each game based on my opponent and the odds. There is a lot more to say but suffice to say it's best to design your own tactic and tweak on a
  10. Yeah...I'm a tactical nut. I'll start a game, be doing well and then realize my team would be even better suited to a different formation or decide I'd really like to see how this player would perform as a regista and then I have to start all over. I've done that for the last few versions. I started that way this year with Newcastle, with 3 different tactics and played three first seasons and decided to stop thew madness. Right now I've just clinched my second consecutive league championship with Crewe and will carry on in the Championship next season. Definitrely a lot more fun this
  11. I play very similar to this. At work so I can't do screenies. I started with Newcastle as a 5-4-1 switched to your formation and now play with WB. Base tactic is Attacking My current tactic evolved from this at Newcastle. I have the striker as a PFs one IF is set to IW both are on attack I moved the FB to WB and set to support GK is a sweeper keeper on support. I also moved my DLP to an RPM on support My base tactic is custom gegenpress and always Attacking. I have a base tactic in the slots and I make adjustments as to how I want to play my oppon
  12. Not sure if he was a wonderkid but Per Ciljan Skjelbred was always a must have for me.
  13. Ask the board for a parent club. It will put a little money in your pocket (about 40k) and get you the free loans.
  14. I really like this point. I've been experimenting a CMa (or s) and CMs (or) d combo in midfield because I can use their individual attributes, with or without PIs, too a better benefit for my team rather than, say, as a BtB and DLP combo.
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