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  1. Customizable supporter's graphics in 3d view. Flags, banners, scarfs or even confetti. Like logos, skins and kits this could be made by users. That would definitely improve 3D in game.
  2. I checked forum for this problem but couldn't find an answer, sorry.
  3. I must say that I like new 3d view - now game is playable as FML . Two minor things I don't like (one may be made for purpose): - when my team is about to pass or cross from a corner and ball is not in a corner (where a player about to take it IS PRESENT) someone almost always is bringing a ball to him while he's waiting. That can take some seconds and sometimes when you have a lot of corners in the match can be very annoying. - Situation when I enter tactic screen without pausing a match and leaving it without confirmation. Match sets speed to normal (I play always faster than normal) and I have to set speed again. Sometimes this doesn't happen but usually it happens. Is it a bug? Now more serious stuff: I play Jagiellonia Bialystok in Polish Ekstraklasa. While my team's squad is not the best there (I know, I know it's my tactics, my approach and generally my fault. Always.) my defence usually plays tragically bad in situation where there's a loose ball in the box and some congestion. My two central defenders hardly ever bother to stick their legs and stop the ball even while it's slowly passing them and they could kick it quite easily. Ball gets to the opponent's forward, my GK goes out of the goal to get in and there's a goal against. Also I think that GK too frequently has the ball kicked out of his hands without being fouled. I'm losing goals too often this way. GK is not the best but when even lower league teams during the pre-season seem to absolutely rule my penalty box despite having really crappy players. Defensive situation looks unbalanced.
  4. [FM10] Regen which could be my son??

    Happened to me in Newcastle. After few seasons it appeared that I have son, Jaroslaw who has been promoted to youth squad. It also says something about me since I became a father being 15 years old, hehehe.
  5. Same thing for me. Let's wait and see.
  6. Tomorrow is the deadline for sleeve customization. I didn't got response from SI whether I will get it or not. So much for preordering the game.
  7. play.com

    Finally got mine. After only a WEEK.
  8. You too? Today is a week of waiting for me. I think I will buy my copy in the shop and return one that they sent me (if I ever receive it) as unwanted.
  9. received it yet? Apparently not only I won't get my sleeve but also no game at all.
  10. I could order or buy game for less than PLAY.COM but I decided to get my game with personalized sleeve. Anyway, if I ordered something promised, I expect it to be delivered.
  11. Yes, we bother. We paid for it.
  12. Servers that refused connection apparently are SI'S. Another thing is PLAY.COM cannot be reached through phone from Irleand. Tried several times...
  13. I have received a promotional code and customized my sleeve, filled all forms and hit "complete order" button. And then... I saw some lenghty error message about database "actively refusing connection", so I repeated whole process but this time website told me that my code has been used and so I can't order. Now, anyone from SI please tell me if my order (1st) has been received or no as I can't confirm it and I don't want to wait until I get my sleeve (and lose a deadline).
  14. Altough 3D mode animations and match engine improvements are visible and game looks much more realistic than FM'09, animations still looks like unfinished work so I have questions to SI: Is player animations are strictly connected to the match engine and can be improved without messing with match engine itself? If so, do you plan to add/improve player animations and contain it in upcoming patches (like improved graphic in patch 9.3)? Thanks in advance for answering.
  15. 3D match engine is still horrible when it comes to watching tackles. As unnatural as in fm09, howewet there is improvement in players interaction with the ball. Also I'd like to see some more ball being passed closer to ground.