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  1. Last year there was a loyalty bonus discount for people who owned previous versions of Football Manager - Why is this not the case this year?
  2. Ok cool, thanks for the heads up. Just remember....no editing.
  3. Cool, please don't edit my posts. Free speech n all that
  4. 1. I don't use sound. 2. I finished school 10 years ago, I don't want to take exams especially when I'm playing video games.
  5. Ignore / delete topic - just needed to change a drop down box on the main screen. Lol - Lots of changes this year and it looks excellent!
  6. Might be a stupid question but in the last FM's you could see the crowd attendance after the first half (i.e. during the second half) - cant find this anywhere, I am being stupid
  7. Just wondering why FM supports the use of illegal drugs. Judging by my regen's photo....he's clearly off his face.
  8. Your league position was not what was required, therefore your services were no longer required. Cry more?
  9. Malang Sarr has PA of 145 on my game - not wonderkid material
  10. Like what? Fifa Graphics, Stadium builder etc? All the Football Manager games that did this...failed.
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