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  1. Won't be able to boot my game up any time soon as I'm going back to work tomorrow, so can't check either players preferred role up front. What roles are suited for Dybala and Andre Silva please? Also gave some of youngsters a run out in the FA Cup 3rd round against Morecambe. Won the game comfortably. Tuanzebe looks the real deal. Chong and Gribbin also bagged goals. These boys will be moving to the first team soon I think (along with Gomes and Fosu-Mensah), but will look to loan them out before the window closes so they can gain some further experience. Burkhart was very disappointing though and will be offloaded.
  2. Yeah, Lincoln is brilliant. I'm sure I bought him in the FM16? Pogba has taken to the BBM role like a duck to water in my save. He keeps getting assist and MoM awards for me in his 2nd season, definitely a bad idea to sell him off. Miki has gone on a rampage in my game as an AP too. Halfway through my 2nd season and I'm top of the league, in the semis of the Carabao cup and last 16 of CL, I'm going for it all. Lost Lukaku for 5 weeks and Rashford has been my only option really. Thinking of buying another striker as the board have divining me another 60mil in the Winter transfer window, so have a budget of £147m. Thinking of either Dybala, Icardi or Kane to rotate, although not sure if that's overkill, maybe I should go with a cheaper option as a rotational striker with Lukaku. Any suggestions?
  3. He's always getting injured in my United team, so rarely gets to play when the cup matches come around. He did have one game during my first season when he won the tie for me and got the MoM award. Since then, he's spent more time in the medical room than on the pitch.
  4. Traore in the first team after 2 seasons. Would like to see how his Mental and Technical stats develop on the 3rd season as I would have thought he would need a good 3 seasons as a loanee before getting anywhere near the 1st team based off his original stats?
  5. Have you adjusted the coaches responsibilites, i.e. have coaches focus on their strengths be it attacking, defending or technical? When I made changes to the staff and had coaches training their strongest areas, I found my team started to perform better.
  6. Confused on why people are selling off Mata, Miki and Lingard as they are actually pretty good in the game. I would definitely keep them around, unless they don't fit in a system. In my second season, I'm looking to start blooding in the young talent. United have a good few youngsters in the team with the likes of Gomes, McTominay, Gribbin, Chong, Burkhart, O'Connor, DJ Buffonage, Pugimal, Henderson and Traore. Also looking to get Tuanzebe and Fosu-Mensah some minutes in cup games. I'm trying to bring back the Alex Ferguson days. Feels a lot more rewarding building up players in comparison to splashing out the cash.
  7. Oh and long shots are still going to occur when you have the likes of Pogba and Herrera in the team. I don't know if you already do this, but I tend to adjust tactics during the game. Majority of the matches, I have the team play from the back and work the ball in the box. At home, I tend to play control from the start and see how the game goes before adjusting it. I do think frequent long shots are part of the game engine though and i dont think there's a way of stopping that.
  8. To be honest, I usually go with Rui Faria's advice on mentality. Its usually standard for away games. If we look like we're not creating chances during a match and the opposition are creating chances, I go counter. The BWM's usually break up the play and play forward to Lukaku and at pace too. Against weaker away teams, I play Match as DLP sometimes behind 2 BWM's so he can play balls to the attackers.
  9. That's the formation I play to, tactics really depend on the situation and who you're playing. I cant post a screenshot right now as I'm at work, but I player Lukaku as a poacher. If I'm playing at home, I play Mata behind him as an AP and usually have Pogba as a BBM in support mode and Herrera playing as a BWM in defensive mode. Playing away, I try not to play with any players as playmakers and have Miki behind Lukaku as an AM and 2 BWM's in the centre. If I'm playing a big team away from home, I drop the AM completely and play a 3rd BWM in defense mode behind 2 BWM's in support mode. When playing this formation, I have Lukaku down as a target man, but he's nowhere near as effective as a TM, he's really good as a poacher, especially when you have a winger who can put in a good ball. Lingard was my assist king last season, constantly putting in good crosses for him to get on the end of.
  10. Agree with the above. I tend to play with one IF and one Winger. Also, using the 'Demand More' shout works wonders for me to break down stubborn teams. First season for me ended up winning the Premier League on the last day of the season by 3 points ( after season a 10 point lead diminish as the season end came near) and beat Arsenal in the final of the FA Cup. Champions League, got knocked out narrowly by Barca though, but all in all, good season to start with. It was a struggle, but we got through it. Had only signed 2 players for the first season (Rugani and Tierney) and shipped out Blind and Smalling. Lukaku is a beast as a poacher, got him scoring 37 in the Premier League. Started the 2nd season nicely, signed Alexis Sanchez on a free, McKennie (can't remember how much i paid for him) and Odriozola for £35.5 mil. Also signed Viganto and loaned him out to Birmingham for a season. Top of the league after 12 games.
  11. Following Google's announcement of the new Play Games Services, can we expect an update for FMH13 to include the Cloud Saving features? I assume this would solve the problem in resume games across multiple Android devices?
  12. From the way Marc has spoken about supporting various resolutions, I think we will find that this game will support a huge amount of Android devices and if it doesn't support a certain resolution from the start, then it will be added in a future update. If only more Android developers were this supportive with their product.
  13. A dedicated tablet skin... the news just keeps on getting better. I don't read/post on here that much, so my apologies if this question has been asked, but with tablets becoming more powerful, especially with the dual and quad core devices out there, is it reasonable to say we will be seeing a 3D match engine anytime soon or is this not feasible at the moment? Appreciate all the hard work you put in to getting the Android version of this out there, i've been a fan of this game since the original Amiga 500 release back in the early 90's, back in the days of the great Darius Spetyla and Nii Lamptey. Amazing how much the game has evolved since then.
  14. I have never encountered an Android app/game where you had to pay twice to have the game running across 2 devices. Apps/games are usually tied to your Google account, not device. I assume this would be the same with FMH?
  15. This is fantastic news. I own 3 Android devices(Transforner, Desire HD and a Samsung Galaxy WiFi player) and I have been eagerly awaiting this. Fear not, you have definitely got my support. Any ideas how much space the game will take up in terms of storage? Its a shame that there's no way of having online savegame storage to continue a game from your tablet to your phone, would be ideal for train journeys in to work. Saying that, i might have a English game going from my tablet and a Spanish one from my phone. Well done to the team for listening to their customers and keep up the good work.
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