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  1. Following Google's announcement of the new Play Games Services, can we expect an update for FMH13 to include the Cloud Saving features? I assume this would solve the problem in resume games across multiple Android devices?
  2. From the way Marc has spoken about supporting various resolutions, I think we will find that this game will support a huge amount of Android devices and if it doesn't support a certain resolution from the start, then it will be added in a future update. If only more Android developers were this supportive with their product.
  3. A dedicated tablet skin... the news just keeps on getting better. I don't read/post on here that much, so my apologies if this question has been asked, but with tablets becoming more powerful, especially with the dual and quad core devices out there, is it reasonable to say we will be seeing a 3D match engine anytime soon or is this not feasible at the moment? Appreciate all the hard work you put in to getting the Android version of this out there, i've been a fan of this game since the original Amiga 500 release back in the early 90's, back in the days of the great Darius Spetyla and Nii Lamptey. Amazing how much the game has evolved since then.
  4. I have never encountered an Android app/game where you had to pay twice to have the game running across 2 devices. Apps/games are usually tied to your Google account, not device. I assume this would be the same with FMH?
  5. This is fantastic news. I own 3 Android devices(Transforner, Desire HD and a Samsung Galaxy WiFi player) and I have been eagerly awaiting this. Fear not, you have definitely got my support. Any ideas how much space the game will take up in terms of storage? Its a shame that there's no way of having online savegame storage to continue a game from your tablet to your phone, would be ideal for train journeys in to work. Saying that, i might have a English game going from my tablet and a Spanish one from my phone. Well done to the team for listening to their customers and keep up the good work.
  6. The better fix Arsenal in this patch (i.e. downgrade them from winning the league every season). If they haven't, this game is going to be uninstalled from my PC, permanently.
  7. why?????

    I get the same rubbish too and this is me having Tevez, Rooney, Keirrison, Ronaldo and Aguero in the team. Loads of chances, but always going just wide, hitting the post or going straight at the keeper. I've had 14 draws in 35 games, because whenever I do manage to score a goal, the AI team immediately scores after, despite any tweaking of tactics or substitutions. I've been following the CM/FM franchise since the original CM 92/93 and have never disliked a release as much as this one. It's a shame, but hey, there's always my Xbox 360.
  8. Well, I still see the game is unplayable due to Arsenal being incredibly overrated. I've tried giving the game so many chances now, but have given up on it. Better off giving us a 3D match engine upgrade and data update for FM2008 if you ask me.
  9. I keep Ronaldo out on the right wing to be honest and give him a free role, with high creative freedom. He's scored 21 in 40 games for me so far, i've taken him off penalties though, he's missed a few for me this season.
  10. Although they are hugely overrated, it's not that difficult. I played a 4-4-1-1 formation, with Hargreaves dropping deep in midfield. I normally keep the width normal and tackling hard. Make sure you play midfield players who will work hard as you will need to close them down for the majority of the game. Anderson seems to do well in the AMC role, he scored a wondergoal in a seperate fixture where I defeated them 3-1 (think it was the Carling Cup final). Always show van Persie and Adebayor on to their weaker foot, close down Walcott and hard tackle/close down Fabregas. Whatever you do, never play wide against Arsenal. Fabregas will exploit holes in your defence with ease if you do so.