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  1. Sometimes I set my tactic to Overload if I'm playing a weak team and want to destroy them. I sometimes forget to take it off that setting and get thumped by the next team I play
  2. In about 2025 as Kisvarda from Hungary I beat Man City 2-1 in the UCL playoff round thing and then lost 14-0 at their place. Fun times.
  3. I installed it for one game angle I wanted, spent an evening beefing up minor nations and making random obscure 16 year olds from tiny countries very good. Then I didn't play for a bit, forgot everything and then had a great game where there were tiny countries eventually doing ok and some crazy players randomly emerging from, like Nepal or whatever. It was a fun experiment at the time.
  4. I took over Reggina, just promoted to Serie B. I finished 6th or so but got promoted through the playoffs after a late run of form took me from near the relegation zone. In my first season in Serie A I kept my squad and hunkered down for a long season. I did buy a couple of released youngsters and when I got to January with a shout of staying up I gambled some money on a striker. It failed and I went down, but on the plus side I am doing quite well in Serie B now. Luckily the board stuck with me!
  5. It just happens from time to time. My game has spawned a great Indonesian player and also one from Niger.
  6. Both Liverpool and Chelsea went down in Season 2 for me. Liverpool came straight back and as of Season 6 are top 3 contenders. Chelsea lost in the Championship playoffs in Season 3, came back in Season 4 and as of Season 6 are top 5. It's been entertaining to watch.
  7. I'm great at doing this in reverse. Paying big bucks for someone, them being crap and selling for peanuts after a year. Well done though! TNS - surely they should dominate after that windfall!
  8. I'm enjoying this a lot more than 16. I can't really quantify this with stats but it 'feels' more realistic.
  9. I just panic bought a $50m centre back for my Gala Fairydean Rovers side on deadline day after my 2 centre backs went down with long term injuries and he was the only comparable quality I could get. My finances are now on the edge - the pressure is on to do well in the Champions League now...!
  10. My main striker is 37 - nearly 38 years old in the SPL and banging them in. I rest him every other game but he sure knows where the back of the net is. He's retiring at the end of the season though FYI I paid $2m for him aged 35. Bit of a calculated risk...!
  11. I am also a teacher and have a couple of ex students in the game. I wish I could fine them retrospectively for that time they didn't submit an assignment but alas, there does not seem to be an option for that!
  12. I'm 34 and a responsible adult. I've been playing since the early days when I used to leave the house for school, wait till mum left, re-enter the house and play all day when I just didn't fancy double Maths on a Friday afternoon. Luckily I saw the error of my ways and dropped Maths.
  13. Caceres was signed recently by Melbourne City from Central Coast but actually because of the rules Manchester City had to buy him and then loan him to Melbourne to circumvent it. I find it an interesting league to manage in as the restrictions throw up all kinds of obstacles.
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