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  1. I'm enjoying this a lot more than 16. I can't really quantify this with stats but it 'feels' more realistic.
  2. Suparman is a name in that part of the world. It's go nothing at all to do with superman, so it's not edited, that's just what his name is. I always find that name hilarious, by the way. There's some picture on the web somewhere of some poor Indonesian guy's driving licence blessed with the name Batman bin Suparman, or something stupidly ridiculous.
  3. I beat Yeovil 7-0 and it came up 'Yeovil-lainous!' which I thought was equal parts clever and highly convoluted!
  4. 2 Indonesians a while back in my team in my final FM2012 save. In no other save ever before or after have I seen any good Indonesian wonderkids emerge. It's like waiting for a bus. Nothing for ages and then 2, and then... nothing...
  5. In my game Tottenham had an English/Italian youth through a few years back by the name of Danny De Vito
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