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  1. I'm enjoying this a lot more than 16. I can't really quantify this with stats but it 'feels' more realistic.
  2. I just panic bought a $50m centre back for my Gala Fairydean Rovers side on deadline day after my 2 centre backs went down with long term injuries and he was the only comparable quality I could get. My finances are now on the edge - the pressure is on to do well in the Champions League now...!
  3. My main striker is 37 - nearly 38 years old in the SPL and banging them in. I rest him every other game but he sure knows where the back of the net is. He's retiring at the end of the season though FYI I paid $2m for him aged 35. Bit of a calculated risk...!
  4. I am also a teacher and have a couple of ex students in the game. I wish I could fine them retrospectively for that time they didn't submit an assignment but alas, there does not seem to be an option for that!
  5. I'm 34 and a responsible adult. I've been playing since the early days when I used to leave the house for school, wait till mum left, re-enter the house and play all day when I just didn't fancy double Maths on a Friday afternoon. Luckily I saw the error of my ways and dropped Maths.
  6. This is very clever - excellent wit
  7. Caceres was signed recently by Melbourne City from Central Coast but actually because of the rules Manchester City had to buy him and then loan him to Melbourne to circumvent it. I find it an interesting league to manage in as the restrictions throw up all kinds of obstacles.
  8. I may be remembering things wrongly but I have a vague recollection of signing a 50 something German to my Singaporean team a few FMs ago? I can't for the life of me remember what his name was or if I am just hallucinating. Maybe someone knows what I'm on about.
  9. I did a similar thing with Arsenal for a laugh although it got so bad for them that during a winter transfer window they were in danger of dropping out of the Vanarama South so I swept the deck clean for them. They saved themselves and 15 years later they're in the Championship. Suffice to say there have been no St Totteringham Days (or whatever they call it) for many a year...
  10. Hungary always seems to float my boat. Managing the national team back to the glory years is a challenge too!
  11. I took over Liverpool in 2031 after they'd slumped into League 1 with a decent team so I set about restoring former glory. I've just been promoted at a canter BUT Plymouth managed to beat me twice in the league, knocked me out of the FA Cup and ended our dream run to the JPT, defeating us in the final. I was gutted as I know that any club aspires to win that trophy. They finished in 15th, seemingly solely existing to aggravate my team.
  12. I picked a team of non-league players for a pointless England friendly and it was barely noticed by the media. We achieved a heroic 1-0 win over San Marino.
  13. A few FMs ago I got a son. He was really terrible but I played him in every game for the whole of his career at my club and as his national team manager gave him a few games (mostly off the bench - he was utter poo) and it was satisfying and nepotistic in the extreme.
  14. Huddersfield in our second EPL season in 2029. I signed a 34 (ish) year old Hungarian DM called Laszlo Pinter who had never played outside of Hungary. He had some fairly recent international caps (all since age 32) and I was going for a moneybag approach to survival. In 10 seasons he was steady at about 7.8 and I decided at $60k he was worth a punt as a backup. He's been really decent. Solid and unspectacular but does a job when needed. My 21 year old defensive midfielder who is a normal first choice hasn't been notably better than him at all. I like the idea that I've given him a final shot at the big time.