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  1. Funkball

    3d engine stopped working

    Ok, I reposted in the bug forum under technical issues and the post seemed to disappear, I think a mod may have deleted it. So... any other help?
  2. Funkball

    Funny Screenshots Thread

    This was at the end of the 2012/2012 campaign. As a Rangers fan I had to laugh... and laugh... and laugh some more Then I laughed!
  3. Funkball

    3d engine stopped working

    Thanks, I'll repost.
  4. The same argument could be had with Gaelic. Is it included in the game? If it isn't it really should be. P.S. The amount of near racist comments in this thread appalls me. I can't believe that where we are in the world now spawns such ignorance and I'll be reporting such comments as "Welsh is a stupid language" and I wont be fobbed off by being told that its not racist or sectarian like I was in the FML incident.
  5. I turned off the 3d engine of FM 10.3 because my laptop's power lead broke and I was using a lower output adapter which causes power outs when the processor gets too busy. I'm now using the correct output and wanted to switch the 3d engine back on but it no longer seems to work. The little box stays ticked so apparently it's on but when i start a match I'm back to the old (but still quite good) 2d view As ever help is much appreciated. --Funkball--
  6. Funkball

    Promotion To The Premiership

    Oh and also, I went up every year without cheating... It's Nott that hard although to be fair it was by the skin of the teeth from the Championship.
  7. Funkball

    Promotion To The Premiership

    I'm currently in my second season in the Premiership with Notts. County and by far my best buy was Koki Mizuno from Celtic for 26k in my first season (I had him right up until the end of my first premiership season). It's just a matter of knowing where to look really. when coming through League 1 and into the Championship, Scotland is the best place to look for chea good players thanks to the horrible lack of parity in finances between the English and Scottish leagues.
  8. Shweet! I can't wait. Hope they name it after me.
  9. I'm at Notts in the Premiership with 30,000 capacity and the council have refused to grant full planning permission for an expansion. Is there anything I can do?
  10. Can i have this thread moved? is that possible?
  11. Ok, so I went on holiday for they day and my assistant made a mess of the selection but it seems I have to go with it... I've saved the game just in case there is a way to resolve the issue. Is it a bug or what?
  12. I have a huge squad and my Assist. never seems to want to pick Ronaldinho (Yes, i know, Ronaldinho at Notts!)
  13. I'm running the 10.0.3 patch and after masterminding Notts. County's rise from League 2 stalwarts to Premiership new guns I'm now having trouble getting registered for the competition. The date is the 3rd of September 2012 and after happily making my transfers and loaning out (as I thought) unneeded players the auto assign button keeps assigning me a squad that is under the quota of homegrown players so I tried reloading the game and selecting different players but when i right click on players such as Gavin Hoyte (no where near good enough but matching the training criteria ) they are added to the squad registration number but not to the HG number, I also notice i had 23 numbers assigned before clicking on Hoyte, after i have 24 but when I right click again to remove him it goes up not down! it really doesnt make sense to me and I'm getting close to giving up. this is the first time I've attempted to take a properly lower league team through the leagues but now can't get started in the Prmiership.