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  1. You are welcome, i have a new one which seems the same error, but now for teams. Dont know if you found that one to.
  2. %male#2] probably forgot a [ in front of it
  3. The left says Uistekend => should be Uitstekend (just like in the right)
  4. Hi everybody, I have a big problem with FM touch and the versus mode. Im trying to manage Zulte Waregem in Belgium for a versus mode competition, but no matter what i do, i am never able to manage the team. I can control the team, but the tactic screen is always blacked out and i cant put a player on the field, or choose a tactic to play. I have added my savegame for that custom game I tried to play with a friend of mine, who was managing AA Gent. He can put in tactics and so on. JPLZulte.fmt
  5. Thanks for the link. But sadly the rule about how many players you can bench aren't in those options. You can set things like '3 bench players need to be less then 21 years old' and so on. But you can't seem to change the number of subs
  6. Hey everybody, I'm editing the Belgian competition in the normal editor. I changed all the things i needed to (added an extra cup and so on) Now I want to play in the Belgium 4th Division (I made it active and it works), only downsize that i see is that you can only put 3 players on the bench. I would like to change that to at least 7 bench players. I know where i can edit it in the normal rules, but the problem is that i changed the belgium rules to the advanced rules. I can't seem to find it there. Can someone tell me if this is possible, and if so, where can i change it ? Thanks already
  7. The black box with a see trough effect in the upper right corner is the result that I get when I hover over the error. So there's no error in it.
  8. Hey Everybody, We from the Belgian Football Manager Site are trying to recreate our own data update with the whole Belgian System. In the previous FM versions we did it without any problems, but this year is different. We've made the database with a few people who all did a region. Afterwards we've joined the update by merging them with the editor Then when we tested our database in the football manager 2012 editor it said that there are no errors in the new landrules. But when we try to start a new game with the database it gives an error. If we look at the error: Then we don't get any text or explanations about what the error could be. (As you can see in the upper right, an empty box with errors) Does anybody know if there's a way to see what the error is ?
  9. Hmm when I try to start it, I get the next error: Can you possibly tell me if I did something wrong with my settings:
  10. Hey guys, First of all I've looked everywhere (even used the search function on the top page) but I couldn't find the answer anywhere. So here is my question: I'm making some new rules for my country, everything works just fine, except for one thing. I would like to add a cup that starts with a group phase and then goes in to knockoutrounds. I've chosen the action (group phase, then knockoutround) and then set my group phase rule. The only thing that I can't see is how many teams will go trough to the next round. I want to make it like this: -Only 16 teams in the cup *Round 1 = Group Phase, 4 groups that contains 4 teams --- Top 2 goes to next round *Round 2, knockout (8 teams) *Round 3, knockout (4 teams) *Round 4 = Final (2 teams) Can anyone help me with this, because I can't choose my competition with this Cup rules ?
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