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  1. Keito Nakamura is missing with Sint-Truiden https://www.transfermarkt.nl/keito-nakamura/profil/spieler/405397 Sint-Truiden is actually not manageable because the board has a 4 star restriction to buy japanese players and 3 stars from Japan. They actually only bought 1 Japanese player this year, but they want to buy Asian/Australian (Cacace, Seung Woo, Cong Phoung, ...) players for the sponsors over there. So i feel like it should be 4 stars for Buy Asian players and 2 stars for buying young players from Japan. The players from the japanese competition are far too weak to pla
  2. I see some issues with Sint-Truiden players: Ibrahima Sory Sankhon plays almost all of his games on the right back right now (last season too). In game he doesn't have this position available. Ko Matsubara is ingame a central defender, but he is a leftback, played all his games there before he got replaced by Cacace Duckens Nazon is transfer listed in game, but he plays almost every game at the moment.
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